The first of four visitors got here yesterday (she's staying with someone else so we just had dinner and may or may not see each other again) and the second arrived this morning. There was a bit of panic as we couldn't find each other but that's sorted. Sent her off to Trafalager Square, Covent Garden and to do the London Eye, while I sit here and try to negotiate class and work. Then we'll go pick up the third, and tomorrow my parents are coming in.

I know I'll feel better in a bit, once I get to relax with my friends and parents. Right now I'm trying to focus.

It's gotten to that point where I wonder if I can actually do this. School, I mean. If I wouldn't be better off taking a semester or a year and pulling myself together. Sorting my meds, getting a steady therapist. I feel so lost and out of control. I know my work this semester has been incredibly sub-standard and I'm not even sure I'll get credit for some of my classes. 

I need to stop doing freelance work so that I have time and energy for school work. But when I do, I get stressed out about not having money. So I sign up for freelance work, and then it's just a vicious cycle. I guess I'll talk about it with my parents. I'm off to do some essay research.
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