I go home on Wednesday, I go home on Wednesday, la la la la laaa!

Visits were good. All my visitors left me feeling considerably less stressed out. Only bad part is that they got me sick. Three more papers to go and I've decided to be an actual good student and do my best to do all the research, then just write them. Rather than half heartedly doing both at the same time and finishing them the day that they're due. I have reached the point where I mostly don't care about how I do any more. I just want to be done. So I'm focusing on finishing them and then I will be. 

I'm a bit annoyed that I was so excited to come to London and I've hardly done any of the touristy things I wanted to do. I'm going to have to think hard and make a list of things I did this term so that I can report to the extended family, rather than just saying, "Well, I was kind of depressed so I spent 85% of my time in my room, and 14% in class." I'm sitting in the British Library as I type this-- they sell strawberries with clotted cream here, which is wonderful, but they have no tissues and I forgot mine, so I'm about to head back to my dorm. Maybe I'll be back tomorrow. Free internet, nice atmosphere. What's not to like?

Hope you're all doing fabulously. <3 

From: [identity profile] mechante-fille.livejournal.com

*snugs* Good luck on your last papers. Just a little bit more and you'll be done.

The library sounds lovely.

It sounds like you've done some fun things in London, and I think that telling your extended family that you spent quite a bit of the time on campus--attending classes, doing classwork, hanging with fellow students--in addition to the touristy things you were able to do, sounds like a fine way of spending a semester abroad.



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