Sudden bout of what is probably stress induced apathy.

Jobs are coming in steadily (at an increasingly overwhelming pace) on Elance.

Tuesday I take the bus back to DC.

I've become obsessed with these little dudes:

Ordered one off of Etsy and picked up another, who is living on my desk at the hotel.

From: [identity profile]

Please what are those little things in the jars? Have no idea.
Truffles are too expensive and you eat them not display them.
Don't look right for lumps of coal.

Looked it up. A ball of algae. O_O Allll rrright.

Must keep that in mind for a gift for someone.
Pet rocks are easier though and are black thumb proof.
I can see immitation marimo made with drier lint dyed green or shredded green wool *nods head* permanently glued onto a rock. Cultured Marimo.

From: [identity profile]

Heehee, that wouldn't be quite the same. They're supposedly fun little pets to keep (and as I need something easily transportable/not actually breathing, that's nice). You can watch them grow and they'll move around in a current or float toward a light source. Now that it's sitting on my desk it looks a little creepy. Gotta find a name for him. Surely that will make him less creepy?

From: [identity profile]

What he doesn't have a playmate in that bottle with him??!
Poor baby.
Name... *grins* Moe?

From: [identity profile]

That was my first thought, but my computer is named Mohinder. That would be a little confusing. For some reason I was thinking Clarence. He'll get a little brother when I get back to DC. :)

From: [identity profile]

If the computer is Mo then that leaves the names, Larry and Curly.
Or Eenie, Meenie,and Miney. The last three allow for family expansion.

From: [identity profile]

Welcome back stateside!

This is the first I see/hear of Marimo, too. Huh. Are they more like pets or plants? Do you name them?

From: [identity profile]

Thanks! :D

Half the websites I visited said they were animals, but I think they got confused because it's algae. Maybe they were thinking of coral?

I'm going to name mine. Suggestions? They can live for over 100 years and grow about 5mm per year. They can survive for a while out of water, which will make it easy to transport to DC and back around wherever I end up. :) PLUS: it is a cute and fuzzy looking thing that I am not allergic to. There aren't many of those.



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