Hi friends. Long time no update and for that I apologize. If you want to see what I'm reblogging and a couple of tiny fly by updates of my life, you can follow me on tumblr: sebastianmeringue.tumblr.com. Since I'm here and intend to be every so often (because I love you guys and goodness it's nice to make a big long post about myself) I figured I'd give you an update.

Right now I'm in school. I'm looking for a job now and for the summer. I'm looking for a place to live in the summer. I'm looking for a therapist and a place that gives massages that are cheap. I'm going to class, to the chiropractor, to the neurologist, and to the psychiatrist. I'm waiting to hear about my grades from last semester and from a woman I called about an internship. I left a message that made me sound like an idiot, so she probably won't call.

All right, yeah. I'm making this post because I have to write an essay and I'm putting it off. But as you can see, there's a lot going on in my life right now. I went to a job fair and it was kind of horrible. My social anxiety is getting worse, and I'm two weeks off one of my prescriptions that I really really need to get filled tomorrow. Mostly I want to curl up in bed and not get out ever. I intend to do this on Friday at approximately 5:15 (which is enough time after my last class to get home).

Tomorrow I have a paper due and Friday I have a statistics midterm (a class which I have missed the majority of) and a physics quiz (a class that I just suck at in general). Once this week is over I can breath a bit. In two weeks it'll be spring break and I'm going to Seattle to play video games, watch movies, hang out and do nothing productive. I'm rather excited.

I hope you're all doing well. Much love to those whose birthdays I missed, and those I haven't spoken with in a while. I haven't forgotten you, it's just been a bit of a nightmare lately, you know?

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<3 Thanks, love. I was pretty upset after I post this, so I decided to watch Avengers and clean my room. 40 minutes later and I'm feeling a LOT better. But now... do I finish the film, or do I work on my paper? :p

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I've decided to just watch the film in bits. Paper finished and now I just have a test and a quiz to face before I'm free for the weekend!

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Hello you! *mwah!

Make sure you tell all this to your therapist, and remember that if shit gets too much for you and you need to quit school in order to get your health in order and your head together, there is no shame in that and it doesn't mean you've failed or missed out. Look after yourself first, because you can always go back to uni a few years later, but you can't retroactively fix health issues (physical or mental).

That said, I hope you manage to surprise yourself with great grades and that you have a really excellent spring break that help you feel relaxed and awesome. :)

*bug hugs*

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I have thought about it, but whenever I seriously consider it I think that overall it would be worse for my emotional and mental state. Just the idea of not having something to wake up for every day and responsibilities to keep me focused and planning ahead... that's terrifying. I don't know what I'd do without it right now.

Haha, I hope so too! Thanks. <3 I'm already getting pretty excited and feeling a lot better than I was when I made this post, so hooray!



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