I feel really awful. I have a headache and am drowning in an unfortunate wave of "I hate myself" thoughts. I have one more class this evening and I really need to go, but I don't know how to pull myself together.

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A few years ago I tried working through a book on Zen meditation. I still want to finish going through it someday. One of the early lessons was to put ourselves both in the place of the baby bird and the momma bird - to be very gentle and loving to our baby bird selves, and to accept our momma bird's gentle love as true and right and unconditional. I hope that you are able to hug and rock your baby bird self tonight, and hold tight to your momma bird self. It sounds like it has been a rough day out of the nest.

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This imagery helped. I didn't make it to class, but my professor was super understanding and concerned for me. Had therapy today and things are going a bit better. I'm thinking about collecting any nice comments and well wishes I receive to put into a scrapbook to look at when I'm down.

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*HUGS* hope you got through your day and are feeling better.

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Thank you sweetheart. <3 I'm feeling a bit better now and I appreciate the encouragement.

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Glad you're feeling better and that your professor was so understanding. No matter how important it was, if you felt that bad you'd not have gained anything from being there.

I like your scrapbook idea. Remember to put in notes about the things you achieve too, because it can be easy to overlook them; small things that make you proud, doesn't have to be anything huge.



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