It's been pretty chilly here the past week or so. The heat at work got busted so I had two shifts in a freezing store. I can't seem to shake the shivers. Taken to wearing a hat and scarf all the time, even inside.

I'm not doing great right now. Whatever senioritis I had last semester has tripled in strength this semester. This is the third week in of the semester and I still haven't managed to go to all of my classes three days in a row. I'm cold, I'm tired and my head hurts. I don't want to do anything at all. I think I'm going to cancel my therapy this afternoon because I am too cold to go out. Made it to meet with my mentor for brunch this morning, but detoured to the library instead of class because I got too cold to walk all the way there. I'm currently working up the nerve to go outside again so that I can get home.  If I could just warm up accomplishing things might be easier, but I can't. I'm a freaking popsicle. 

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Sounds like seasonal blues :(

Have you a leisure center near? Somewhere you could go for a sauna, steam room, warm swim? something to make you feel better and give you a boost. Otherwise warm soup and a thick blanket to cuddle up in. Try not to cancel your therapy, once you start cancelling its way too easy to keep doing it and giving intp the desire to stay in - *waves hand* guilty!

I spent my week of work not going anywhere, or achieving anything, cold, tired... if my shoulder pain hadn't flared up (OUCH) i'd have never got to the surgery...

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Yeah, you're probably right. I did end up cancelling, but I have my appointment for next week still on. Definitely with the cuddling up with blankets and stuffed animals when I get the chance. Just been super busy with school and work. Bleh. Won't get done until 9pm tonight. *yawn* Wish me luck!


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*snugs* I hope you've been well the past 9 months. Happy Birthday!

*more snugging*



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