Since we last spoke, I received my bachelor's degree in Anthropology, visited Vegas, moved to Seattle two months ahead of schedule, got a car, apartment, furniture, bike and fish. I've held three different jobs.

It's been a while, huh?

Important things first: my fish's name is Bucky and he is a beautiful and spoiled Betta. I got him a floating log and everything. He's kind of mad at me because I had to switch his plant for a new one and the new one doesn't have huge leaves. The old one was dying of something gross and I didn't want him to get sick.

I'm currently working for a company that does large scale commercial level Christmas decorations. This is a fancy way of saying I work in a warehouse sorting ornaments, putting them on pipe cleaners, boxing things up and labeling things. The highlight of last week was that I got to decorate a sconce. We do some decoration at the warehouse, but at my position it's primarily, "Make a copy (or three) of this thing." This week it was sconces. I've also done a huge wreath and two trees on my own.I have nice coworkers, a regular pay check and a pretty good commute. The only downside is that once January comes and everything is undecorated I'll be out of a job.

As Christmas grows closer, my job will become more about going to buildings and doing the actual decorating. I'm pretty excited about that. We're doing malls and office buildings and all sorts of things. I always come home covered in glitter and I imagine that's only going to get worse.

All things considered, I'm doing pretty well. I've made a few friends, have a small social life when I have the energy to go out and pursue it, and I don't think I've cried about being in a new place for at least two weeks. It's starting to feel like home. It helps that I'm going to a family wedding late November and then my mom is coming to stay with me through December.

My sink is full of dishes, my apartment is a mess, and I'm fighting with the website to get proper healthcare so I can stop paying a bajillion dollars a month for my prescriptions. It's frustrating and overwhelming, but I'm doing all right over all. I'm managing.

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Abstract! It's been a while.

Good to know you're doing okay. I wish you good luck and fair weather with everything. :)

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Holy moly, you've been busy! Go you!!

I tell you, nice coworkers, regular pay check, and good commute are some of the best things about a job. Sorry it isn't more permanent. It would be nice to leave it when you are ready and found something that is those things plus more.

Good luck getting the healthcare thing taken care of. When I have something like that hanging over me, it makes it harder to do anything else.

I don't know if it would work for you, but one of my friends swears by for managing housekeeping stuff. I have looked at the site, but not signed up for anything. Maybe I'll give it another shot...



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