Work has been going fine. I'm driving out to the new site, which saves gas, and then spending the money I saved on lunch. Luckily there are lots of restaurants within a 5 minute drive of the place. It's going pretty well out there. After two straight days of organizing we finally started decorating. It'll be interesting to see how much longer this project takes.

Lately my social life has consisted of going to Rae's house to watch her play Mass Effect. I do lunch with my coworkers sometimes, but I generally find that a full day of work is enough (if not too much) social interaction for me. In any case, yesterday was the second time I went over to her place. We had snacks and laughs. Good times.

Here's the really exciting and/or confusing part: this girl on tumblr. We met on omegle and followed each other for about 2 years before actually starting to talk. Now we text every day. I want to tell her everything about my life and what I'm doing. I never really saw the point of things like instagram or putting photos on facebook or selfies, but I take pictures all the time and send them to her. (this is what I'm decorating, look I cleaned my living room, omg my face is covered in glitter, I got a cute little terrarium, etc) I want to know what she's up to and if her day is going well, to hear about her classes and her writing projects. We flirt like nuts. I really like her. I sent her a text that was meant to say "morning, sunshine" except I hit the wrong keys and autocorrect happened. Now we call each other submarine.

We've essentially acknowledged that were we living in the same area we would want to at least go out on a date. Since we're not, we're just kind of... providing emotional support and flirting and encouraging one another to be social and productive.

I dunno guys. I can't remember the last time I ever talked to someone this much. It makes me really happy and also kind of sad. She's on the other side of the country.
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