( Jan. 29th, 2014 12:43 pm)
It's been pretty chilly here the past week or so. The heat at work got busted so I had two shifts in a freezing store. I can't seem to shake the shivers. Taken to wearing a hat and scarf all the time, even inside.

I'm not doing great right now. Whatever senioritis I had last semester has tripled in strength this semester. This is the third week in of the semester and I still haven't managed to go to all of my classes three days in a row. I'm cold, I'm tired and my head hurts. I don't want to do anything at all. I think I'm going to cancel my therapy this afternoon because I am too cold to go out. Made it to meet with my mentor for brunch this morning, but detoured to the library instead of class because I got too cold to walk all the way there. I'm currently working up the nerve to go outside again so that I can get home.  If I could just warm up accomplishing things might be easier, but I can't. I'm a freaking popsicle. 



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