( Feb. 27th, 2013 08:45 pm)
Hi friends. Long time no update and for that I apologize. If you want to see what I'm reblogging and a couple of tiny fly by updates of my life, you can follow me on tumblr: sebastianmeringue.tumblr.com. Since I'm here and intend to be every so often (because I love you guys and goodness it's nice to make a big long post about myself) I figured I'd give you an update.

Right now I'm in school. I'm looking for a job now and for the summer. I'm looking for a place to live in the summer. I'm looking for a therapist and a place that gives massages that are cheap. I'm going to class, to the chiropractor, to the neurologist, and to the psychiatrist. I'm waiting to hear about my grades from last semester and from a woman I called about an internship. I left a message that made me sound like an idiot, so she probably won't call.

All right, yeah. I'm making this post because I have to write an essay and I'm putting it off. But as you can see, there's a lot going on in my life right now. I went to a job fair and it was kind of horrible. My social anxiety is getting worse, and I'm two weeks off one of my prescriptions that I really really need to get filled tomorrow. Mostly I want to curl up in bed and not get out ever. I intend to do this on Friday at approximately 5:15 (which is enough time after my last class to get home).

Tomorrow I have a paper due and Friday I have a statistics midterm (a class which I have missed the majority of) and a physics quiz (a class that I just suck at in general). Once this week is over I can breath a bit. In two weeks it'll be spring break and I'm going to Seattle to play video games, watch movies, hang out and do nothing productive. I'm rather excited.

I hope you're all doing well. Much love to those whose birthdays I missed, and those I haven't spoken with in a while. I haven't forgotten you, it's just been a bit of a nightmare lately, you know?
( Nov. 24th, 2012 03:53 pm)
Last post I said something about not doubting my major. I'm withdrawing that statement. I've become annoyed and bored with anthropology, tired of studying it and not being able to see why a lot of the subjects we cover matter or what the point of it all is. I miss   English papers. I have no doubt that having such an anthropological background will better inform my work as an English major. This decision has made doing work in my current classes even more difficult and I feel as though I'm constantly struggling.

This struggle is hindered by a deterioration of my general mental well being. Every other day I feel like I'm a small mistake away from a total meltdown. It's exhausting. It's detrimental to my productivity and I am really just sick of feeling badly all the time and hating social interaction. Trying some vitamin supplements that supposedly help with mood swings and trying to take care of myself, but it's difficult when a lot of days I don't want to do anything but sleep, and the thought of doing something makes me cry. On top of this, I have less money available for the rest of the term than I feel comfortable with. Finding energy for school work and freelance jobs is really difficult.

It's not all bad. I've been roleplaying via email with a girl who likes to chat and has been really supportive and helpful in our daily interactions. My parents and two friends are coming to visit next weekend. Today I'm in Cambridge (I paid for a day trip ages back and totally did not want to come. However, here I am. I've holed up in a couple of different cafes and worked on school work, so the day isn't a waste. I've definitely been more productive than I would have been if I stayed home.). I can't wait until the Christmas holidays.
( Oct. 31st, 2012 10:29 pm)
Accidentally stopped being able to function.

So Wednesday is my day off and it's the day I normally catch up on homework. Today needed to be so even more because I have a paper due tomorrow. Except somehow there is this massive pile of stress that just... overwhelmed me. So I ended up sitting at my computer not doing anything for about 2 hours after I woke up. Then I skyped my mother in tears because:

a) Too much laundry to do and the machines are never open.
b) Out of clothes and sanitary napkins.
c) Haven't written paper.
d) Tired. Not sleeping well at all.
e) Sad. Wanting it to be the holidays. Missing home.
f) My halloween cupcakes turned out not to be chocolate and they're actually fruit flavoured. I can't find good plain chocolate baked goods like at home and basically I miss all the food from home especially pizza and pasta.

I have never felt this homesick in my life and it's such a conflicted homesick because I wake up in the middle of the night and think I'm in my bedroom in Sweden sometimes, but at other times I just want to be in the US. I miss my friends so much, two of whom I haven't heard from since Hurricane Sandy made landfall. I know they're probably fine (other people on campus are) but I just am having a lot of trouble. 

My mom's prescription for this was to get online and book me a night at a hotel a little ways off campus. See if they do laundry, she said. Order a pizza online. Stop by the store on the way and pick up essentials (I got pads, diet coke, bread and butter). It's the same hotel we stayed at when we were first in London and they have these huge ice cream sundae things. I might order one yet. I wonder how late the restaurant is open.

No laundry service, but there's a laundry place down the street so I might go there in the morning. Just haven't had the focus to write my paper yet, but I still have eleven and a half hours. I still feel pretty badly, but I brought my Avengers dvd and have a huge soft bed so surely I can cheer myself up, right?
Today I:
  • Went to my lecture and my tutorial, having done the readings and the written assignment.
  • Actually spoke up in the discussion
  • Woke up early and finished a transcription job
  • Applied for other freelance work
  • Worked steadily on a project that's due in a few days
  • Didn't take a nap
  • Confirmed another job and organized my freelance work in a notebook so I can keep track of it.
For reward time I'm going to roleplay and watch the new Supernatural. Then if I feel up to it, I'll tackle tomorrow's written assignment and some more freelance things. Guys, having my life together is actually pretty awesome. I would like some more of this feeling, please.
( Oct. 8th, 2012 09:01 pm)
I do not like this "Being a Real Person" nonsense.

I have to call the bank in the states tomorrow and make sure they have my correct information, find out why I can't access my banking online and make sure that I have money in checking.

Which means I have to go to the phone store tomorrow to top up my card, figure out why I can't send text messages or access the internet on my phone (which I am supposed to be able to do). 

Must also send post cards and when the bank is all sorted, pay for my housing and buy health insurance, Comicon tickets, and any in-Europe travel I want to do. Need to figure out when I can go home after the semester ends and sort out spring and summer jobs/internships.

( Oct. 7th, 2012 11:52 am)
Being super organized and productive. Gonna have to start finding the balance between school and enjoying London. The odd bit is that right now is that the balance is almost entirely in favour of school, even though I've been told time and time again that it really doesn't matter what grades I get here, so long as I don't fail.

Still though, this is the first time that I've had classes were I can actively and consciously say "Oh yes, I know what theory they are talking about, as I learned about that in my (fill in the blank) class. It feels like I'm not just taking introductory courses over and over again, where every time they teach you what the scientific method is.

Part of my not taking advantage of London bit is due to my ankle. Right now I can't walk very much without it hurting quite badly, so that means no museums or markets. Not sure what else to do. 
( Sep. 15th, 2012 04:49 pm)
So you probably won't be surprised at all to hear that I'm feeling really anxious. I can't quite call it stressed, because I know everything is taken care of, but I can feel this ball of nerves and anxiety churning in my gut. I know I'll sleep badly for at least the next few days and have hit that point where I just don't know what to do now. Normally I make myself forget something is happening and ignore it until last minute, if I can, but that tactic's not working.

Two suitcases are packed and the third is waiting on laundry. Because we're taking some tiny airline that makes it's own rules, baggage restrictions are much stricter and it will be a miracle if I can get everything to London without having to ditch something like bedding or towels to buy there. I'm already buying pillows. Dad actually has a conference over there, so he's flying out tomorrow morning. Mom and I are going Monday night. Orientation starts on Wednesday, so we're going to chill and do fancy teas, and hopefully relax/move me into the dorm. 

For all that I get overwhelmed by how involved my parents seemt to be in my life, I've reached that point where I've lost some of my confidence that I can do things without them. Everything seems so overwhelming and, even with my medication fully stocked and regularly taken, sometimes I look at what needs doing and just feel paralyzed. 

I'm having nervous thoughts about my birthday again. I'll have had just under a week to meet people who might want to do something with me. I'd rather not spend the day/night alone, but it is in the middle of the week. Should I just mention casually, "Hey, we should hang out because it's my birthday Tuesday?" Nerves, nerves, nerves. On the plus side AVENGERS. I've had to resist buying it here since I don't have a dvd player that will play this region.

Wish me luck everyone?
( Sep. 3rd, 2012 10:32 am)
A lot has happened recently. We had a housewarming for the apartment on Friday night, which went extraordinarily well. We invited a bunch of people from dad's work and their spouses. It was really interesting because of the international aspect. There was one local Swede who came, but the rest were ex-pats, hailing from the UK, Finland, Australia, Germany, Israel, the US, etc. I had some very interesting conversations and it was nice to be social (as I've still not made any local friends).

Bad news: I didn't fill out my FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) in January and neither did my parents. Which means I've been awarded absolutely zero dollars from the school and owe $10,000 for tuition right now, not even to mention whatever room and board is going to cost in London. My parents are sharing the blame (I needed tax info and we were all distracted around then) but I feel horribly guilty and they're trying to get last minute loans to cover everything. It's just kind of a nightmare.

I closed one of my two US bank accounts last time we were in the states and got a cashier's check for the balance, assuming that I would open an account here when I was granted a person number. This plan went wrong for two reasons: they don't use checks here, and my mother misplaced the check (I gave it to her for safe keeping). So there go all my savings, assuming she doesn't find it, which she swears she will.

On top of this, I have enough anti-depressants to cover less than the next week and no health insurance. D: Someone on one of the forums mom goes to said that as long as they are residents and have person numbers, I should be fine visiting a doctor here. As my residency has not gone through because the relocation people didn't fill out the paperwork (they thought it would be illegal because I would be "registered" in the US and Sweden at the same time? Which is not really a thing), I'm uninsured and kind of without an address and it's all very weird and awkward.

Depression hasn't been very good lately. Mood swings, lethargy... I'm having trouble being motivated to even just get up and get dressed during the day. I know it will get better in London, just having something to get up for will be helpful, but in the meantime I'm having trouble. I leave for London September 17th (my sister's birthday, actually). Everyone I know has started classes already and I miss my friends from school terribly. 

Watched a load of HIMYM last night. Somehting that Robin said stuck in my mind as she was talking to Kevin, about why does she try so hard to find reasons to be unhappy. Sometimes I think I'm the same way, and then at other times I'm reminded of a quote I found recently about depression (stolen from tumblr): depression is like trying to peel a potato with another potato its not fun it doesnt work and you just wanna cry.
( Mar. 20th, 2012 03:17 pm)
Spring break was a fabulous week full of sleeping, reading, writing and crocheting. I wrote over 10,000 words last week. I bought a bunch of yarn and started to crochet a hippo, which is about half finished at this point. I'm a little overwhelmed with the amount of work I have to do this week, but I'm pushing through. I had an interview to work at commencement today, which went well.

When I was on the bus home I received an email notification of a package that had arrived for me at the dorm. I didn't actually get to it until yesterday and-- hooray! My package from [livejournal.com profile] jolena came and it was filled with absolutely lovely, thoughtful things. Chocolate, two skeins of fuzzy wonderful yarn, and several neat charms! :D 

On top of this good news, I just received confirmation of my acceptance to University College London in the fall! Ahhhhh! I'm so psyched. We should find out about Sweden this week and I might apply to a week long program on Gender and Conflict in Ireland. If I'm already in Sweden for the summer, the cost for travel would be much cheaper than from the US.

For now, I have a paper to write and a book on India, Hinduism, and Sexuality to read (which is very dense and I'm not well informed on the background, but still interesting, if long).
( Sep. 13th, 2011 01:18 pm)
Guess who's employed at the university library?! If you guessed someone other than me that was kind of silly. :D This is a giant relief, as this is the job I wanted the most. I've cancelled my tutoring interview (though I may still volunteer through the program). I have some paperwork to do and then I can start. I'll be doing administration support and maintanence for the printers and computers. Not glamorous, but it pays and it's close!

I got your package [livejournal.com profile] theotherdibbler! Thanks so much! Just when I thought my day couldn't get better, I got mail and books, and a lovely pretty card. :D

Cancelled the upcoming sessions with the first psych. Apparently that wasn't a free consultation, but an actual session by her records so I'm super glad that I cancelled, because I didn't get anything out of that first one.

So now: dishes, German homework, Socioculture Anth, and then paper writing!

Called the University Counseling Center and set an appointment for next Tuesday. They did the consulatation over the phone and essentially I just babbled for a couple of minutes while the woman on the other end asked occasional questions to clarify. Now my only question is if I should cancel my upcoming appointment with the other psych, or wait and see if I take to this one before I do so. I'm kind of leaning toward cancelling now.

I also made an appointment with my academic advisor to talk about my major(s)! So that's happening next week as well. I have yoga class tonight (first time, due to various circumstances) so it will be interesting to see how that goes. My first paper is due on Wednesday for my Shakespeare class- I have to pick the sonnet we studied that I would most like to be dedicated to me. It's kind of an interesting assignment. I haven't started yet. >.<

Also, I've had the music from Disney's Hercules stuck in my head alllllll day.
( Sep. 4th, 2011 08:08 pm)
First week of classes has concluded. It was generally a success, though I think I may have alienated my Shakespeare professor by saying the sonnet was not my favorite form. Luckily yesterday I went to see a free performance of Julius Caesar by one of the best Shakespeare companies in the US. They do one free show a year-- usually tickets cost up to $50-- and I'm incredibly lucky that one of my friends turned me on to the opportunity to see a show for free. We had to wait in line for a couple of hours beforehand, but it was definitely worth it. Second row seats!

Right now I'm feeling a little overwhelmed. I don't know if it's because I'm trying to do too much, I haven't adjusted, or I'm thinking too much (that happens around this time of the month). I'm searching for a job and have a couple of leads and things to do to follow up. I attended church this morning with a friend of mine and intend to join their choir (they meet Sunday mornings and give scholarships to students-- $40 every time you come sing!). Qudditch has got a load of new recruits and will be meeting next Saturday-- I'm officially the vice president of the Qudditch E-Board. Scrabble Club is happening. I tabled at the student org fair and we doubled the size of our listserve. I'm having lunch with Catherine on Tuesday as well as meeting with an old professor of mine. My consultation with the therapist is onFriday and my friends and I are attending a showing of Farenheit 451 on Saturday.

It's just-- a lot. Such a big difference from being at home and not doing anything for most of the day.I haven't written anything in ages, and haven't had much time to read (though I recently started Ender's Game, DeathNote, and The Unusul Life of Tristan Smith-- progress is slow). My head hurts and I'm dealing with a bit of a cold/sinus pressure. Generally all the things I listed above are good, I just-- there's a lot going on. I guess it'll take some adjustment.

I have nothing at all scheduled for tomorrow at all, so I can catch up on homework and sleep. I took an unintentionally long (2.5 hours!) nap this evening and am feeling kinda groggy. I'm sure tomorrow will be better.
( Aug. 30th, 2011 12:01 am)
I'm moved in. My dorm is pretty unpacked and decorated. I've been really busy organizing and running my life. My head hurts. My cheek hurts even more today than normal, and I have like... six bruises on my shins. Plus the one in the back of my hand. Generally, though, things are going well.

First day of classes was today. My German professor is really enthusiastic and engaging, which is fabulous. That was the only class I was seriously worried about. Biological Anthropology was considerably less engaging and interesting, but I have several friends in there. The Shakespeare professor seems very funny and interesting. So good things all around on that front.

In return for my bunch of Doctor Who books [livejournal.com profile] maderr sent me a box. I was not expecting much at all (and had kind of sort of forgotten about our exchange) so you can imagine my surprise and immense glee to open a package with a wonderful new cookbook, a book of celtic poetry, two post cards, a very cute mug, and a card. Practically made my day! Thank's so much [livejournal.com profile] maderr, I really appreciate such thoughtful gifts. :)

On a similar note, I spent much of the evening cooking. Morgan and I went grocery shopping so that I could try out a bunch of the recipes I put in my new cookbook. The best success by far was the strawberry muffin recipe that [livejournal.com profile] theotherdibbler sent me! They're SO wonderfully delicious. I only made half a batch, but I'm going to make a load more. Thank goodness for frozen strawberries so that I don't have to worry about them going bad before I make some more. :D I also tried the zuccini cake recipe, but- well. I halved it, and then I realized that I bought yellow squash instead of zucchini. I made it anyway and er. It's edible. Not fabulous or anything. Morgan said it was like water in bread form. Kind of tasteless, but definitely solid. Next time I'll do better, haha.

The other things I made were much more successful (everything here was halved, and much of it saved for leftovers). I made a sort of breakfast-pizza quiche with bacon, cheese and tomatoe sauce. That turned out pretty well. The last recipe I tried was for little mushroom and leek pot pies. I didn't have leeks, so it was just mushrooms, but it was very very good. I think I'll make some more and experiment with the filling. I made two individual serving size cups and have one left for tomorrow. Mmm, good.

I also have a consultation with a psychologist for next Friday. So in summary: thank you to all of my good friends for your gifts and your support. I'm chugging along and doing pretty well all things considered.
( Aug. 20th, 2011 03:42 pm)
This post is about GOOD things, of which there are quite a few in my life (even though I forget that, sometimes).

1. I am currently 10lbs lighter than I was when I first came home for the summer! That means I'm down a jean size and feeling a lot better about myself. I still have 12lbs to go before my BMI is in the 'healthy weight' range and my goal is 12 more after that, but it's a start and I'm so pleased with my progress!

2. I'm coming to terms with the things I can't control. My family has a history of depression, anxiety, a slew of other mental issues that can be inherited. I've started a conversation with my family and, through the help of a friend who is currently dealing with his own issues, have located resources in DC that I think will help me deal with these issues. I have an aunt who said she never realized how depressed she was until she went on anti-depressants-- I feel the same way about my anxiety. I'm a tightly wound person and I think speaking to a therapist will be beneficial. I'm glad that I have the support to start dealing with those issues.

3. I'm so freaking excited to go back to school. I'm heading to DC this Thursday and am most of the way packed. This year will be fantastic for several reasons, including my awesome schedule (Biological Anthropology, Sociocultural Anthropology, Shakespeare, and 20th Century Irish Literature!) and the fact that I will have a kitchen. I spent yesterday copying and pasting recipes out of library books into a hard cover notebook, and included the ones [livejournal.com profile] theotherdibbler sent me, as well as my own cookie recipes. I'm excited to try new things and expand my recipe repertoire. If anyone else has any recipes they'd like to share, just give me a shout!

4. The above mentioned friend and I have been making plans to help each other get out more and be involved in things. He's also providing kitchen supplies (dishes, pans and things) so that we can cook more and both keep our budgets down. We signed up for a yoga class together as well, which I think is going to be much more fun for having someone I know to take it with.

5. The past week I've had the opportunity to catch up with friends I've missed all summer, hang out with people I won't see during the school year, and have some great conversations (and great food!). I've even spent some time with my sister and am planning to go bowling with her. Our relationship isn't very good, generally speaking, but we've gotten so much better that I'm actually looking forward to it.

( Aug. 15th, 2011 10:12 pm)
My final week of work at the lab was rather uneventful. Now I can dedicate my time to catching up on television, writing, packing and searching for a job this fall. I've already applied for several positions, but my class schedule makes it nearly impossible for me to work any good hours between 9 and 5. I might have to take up my sister's offer of putting me in contact with a restaurant manager and try to land a hostess job for evenings and weekends.

Meanwhile, I have crochet pictures to share! I've finished two hats. Pictures behind the cut. )

Going back for more shots tomorrow. I had a couple days of actually feeling good, with no headache or anything but it didn't last. I suppose that's why they insist on doing the procedure three times. Third time's the charm, right?
( May. 5th, 2011 10:28 am)
Quick post in the five minutes before my laundry finishes: I am busy busy busy. About 20 things to do on today's checklist, but assuming I achieve all of them, move out should be easy, I should ace my exams, and I'll have nothing to worry about until I get home. At least, that's how it would go in a perfect world.

Chances right now that I'll be employed this summer have jumped to about 96% I'd say. Unfortunately, the email that tripped this jump also informed me I wouldn't be able to start until June 6. In a month. A month at home, doing nothing in a town where there is nothing to do and not having a car. These are not promising prospects, but I'm trying to stay positive and come up with a plan for how to spend my time so I don't end up in my pjs all day everyday (which hypothetically sounds nice, but in practice makes me kind of ill with boredom).

In the mean time, I also wanted to pimp the Lightening round of the [livejournal.com profile] help_japan  auction. For which I am offering postcards and fic.
( Mar. 12th, 2011 04:52 pm)
I've been largely absent for the past couple of weeks and probably won't reliably return until next week. I'm going to spend some time catching up on comments and my f-list today, but in the coming week I'll be participating full time in a service project. Hopefully it will be fun.

In my absence: my parents visited, I had two job interviews, was invited to share an apartment with a friend over the summer, failed a logic test, aced two archaeology tests, offered fiction for the New Zealand Auction here -- the bidding ends for that on Sunday if anyone's interested; I've worked a bit on the "Airport" story that made an appearance in this meme, begun anonymously filling a Torchwood/Sherlock prompt on the [livejournal.com profile] shkinkmeme  here (which is going a lot faster than the previously mentioned story, in all truth), and have failed to begin writing the three archaeology papers that will be due in the next month.

I also bought bus tickets to NYC for a day trip with a few of my friends in April, and took over more serious responsibilities for Scrabble Club and am in charge of advertising for our tournament. I made cookies for my roommate's birthday and found a neat chocolate-cake-in-a-mug recipe to try out, and discovered this adorable video of baby red pandas. I went to the zoo and saw two theater productions, 12 Angry Men and Laughter on the 23rd Floor, which were fabulous, plus the film Unknown, which was not as good as it could have been.

So, um, I've been a bit busy. :D

Today is a dull day, because Alternative Breaks doesn't start until tomorrow and now that it's spring break there's approximately no one on campus, the dining hall is closed and the bus is running on a slower schedule. Not to mention the vending machine ate my money and told me I couldn't have a soda. But I finally have the time to respond to everybody's entries, so hooray! Right after I go raid another dorm's vending machine...
( Feb. 21st, 2011 12:46 pm)
I'm okay, everybody. Friday night and the hours into Saturday I couldn't sleep were terrible, but I'm doing pretty well. On Saturday, when I wanted nothing more than to hide in my room all day, my friends dragged me out to the quidditch match right after I woke up. Then they convinced me to actually play. We went out for lunch afterward and then came back to the dorm to watch Sherlock Holmes (with Jude Law and RDJ), so I didn't have time to mope or feel sorry for myself, which was exactly what I needed. I also went to go see 12 Angry Men that night, because Rachel had the part of the guard.

Sunday composed of a bit of moping, watching a lot of television, and crocheting. I've set up an Etsy shop, which you can find here.There isn't much in there at this point, but several people have suggested I start one, so I finally did. I'm uncomfortable putting up things that come straight out of the Creepy Cute Crochet book, so it'll mostly all be modified designs up there. However, if anybody wants something specific there's a button to request a custom item. I'm up for anything. :)

Funny thing is, I only just learned that I was doing the most basic crochet stitch (the single crochet) wrong this entire wrong, which explains why I couldn't tell any difference between it and a slip stitch in my work. Who knew! If I do the stitch correctly the plushies I make come out about 5 inches tall. I kind of prefer the smaller, 2.5 inch ones though, so maybe I'll keep doing it wrong sometimes.

I have a bunch of homework to catch up on and a bit of cleaning to do. Next week is sort of busy, and my parents are coming in to town. I was going to bake today, but I'm not sure now that I'll get around to it. We'll see!
( Feb. 11th, 2011 12:23 am)
Now that my school!writing has been gotten out of the way I'm a healthy ~600 words into the first of four projects I'd like to see finished sometime soonish. I haven't finished my auction things, but I am working on them a bit every day so they're coming along nicely. I'll get pics up once they're finished. Aside from that I need to learn four chapters of logic before the test on Tuesday. I think I get most of it, but just in case I have a fabulous study buddy.

Having no Valentines plans for myself, I have committed myself to a 5 movie long chick flick marathon with a friend of mine and her roommates, as well as helping my friend's boyfriend surprise her. Woohoo!

In other news, I've made a wonderful new friend- someone who knew about Firefly without me introducing her, loves Shakespeare, and is a Sherlock Holmes nerd- that I've been introducing to Doctor Who. She's recently been devastated by the loss of the ninth Doctor. I helped console her by agreeing to watch The Twelfth Night. It was suitably hilarious and wonderful.

So yeah... yay for Friday!

OH! And thanks for the gift [livejournal.com profile] theskimblishone ! I'm thrilled and excited!
( Feb. 2nd, 2011 05:49 pm)
Our first non-reading assignment in Creative Writing is to write a 10 page short story. The only other requirements (discounting formatting stuff) are that it can't be "genre fiction" and should instead aim to be "literature".

I hope you notice my use of quotation marks there because what it boils down to is that he wants us to write something which is, in my opinion, boring. He defined the genre of literature as that which is focused upon language and character development that does not rely on plot or circumstance.

Frankly, I find it to be a frustrating assignment. I find that stories are interesting because of what happens in them and characters are deep because of the way they react to the circumstances they are in and because of what they do. This is, primarily, why I've never really come to understand or enjoy most short stories that are deemed "literature." These are the things that make the stories compelling, that make them interesting and entertaining.

I hate assignments like this because they produce amateur bullshit, as inexperienced writers try to make big statements about the world or provide social commentary with stories in which nothing happens. I also hate them because they make me feel like I'm saying the rest of my writing isn't "real" writing and doesn't matter because it's not "literature."

I dunno what I'm gonna do for this guys. :/




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