( Apr. 26th, 2011 08:24 am)
While I've been at school my parents have been slowly but surely renovating and redecorating the house. They've torn out old carpet and replaced bathroom furnishings, repainted, the whole lot. My bedroom still had bright pink and green walls. I've come home for the reading week before exams (and Easter, though we didn't really celebrate this year) and my room is 97% finished. It's beautiful and simple and mine. I can't wait to come home for good this summer. Things are looking up!

I have three exams to take next week, so my current plans involve a little bit of being social, a lot of reading, and (hopefully)  small doses of fandom. Some friends/ old classmates of my mother's just became nursing school graduates, so we went out to celebrate yesterday. I hope to see at least one of my friends this week, and intend to watch the new Doctor Who and  the past few new Supernatural episodes. I have been writing, but it's not coming as quickly/easily as it usually does. My interests are shifting yet again and I don't want to put anything out there that I'm not satisfied with.

Hope everyone has enjoyed the holiday / the past week!
( Mar. 12th, 2011 04:52 pm)
I've been largely absent for the past couple of weeks and probably won't reliably return until next week. I'm going to spend some time catching up on comments and my f-list today, but in the coming week I'll be participating full time in a service project. Hopefully it will be fun.

In my absence: my parents visited, I had two job interviews, was invited to share an apartment with a friend over the summer, failed a logic test, aced two archaeology tests, offered fiction for the New Zealand Auction here -- the bidding ends for that on Sunday if anyone's interested; I've worked a bit on the "Airport" story that made an appearance in this meme, begun anonymously filling a Torchwood/Sherlock prompt on the [livejournal.com profile] shkinkmeme  here (which is going a lot faster than the previously mentioned story, in all truth), and have failed to begin writing the three archaeology papers that will be due in the next month.

I also bought bus tickets to NYC for a day trip with a few of my friends in April, and took over more serious responsibilities for Scrabble Club and am in charge of advertising for our tournament. I made cookies for my roommate's birthday and found a neat chocolate-cake-in-a-mug recipe to try out, and discovered this adorable video of baby red pandas. I went to the zoo and saw two theater productions, 12 Angry Men and Laughter on the 23rd Floor, which were fabulous, plus the film Unknown, which was not as good as it could have been.

So, um, I've been a bit busy. :D

Today is a dull day, because Alternative Breaks doesn't start until tomorrow and now that it's spring break there's approximately no one on campus, the dining hall is closed and the bus is running on a slower schedule. Not to mention the vending machine ate my money and told me I couldn't have a soda. But I finally have the time to respond to everybody's entries, so hooray! Right after I go raid another dorm's vending machine...
So, my family's had some troubles recently. My dad went up to Pennsylvania to interview for a job that he really wanted. He bought a new tie and everything. They never got back to him, at all, which is odd because it's a rather high level professional job and they could at least send something, right? On top of this, my mom needs to have elbow surgery again, which means she has to put off her last semester of school (she's training to become a nurse) until this summer. She already had to do this to have the first surgery and she made a bunch of friends with this new group, who are sad to see her go. I just- I dunno. There's nothing, really, that I can do but I hate to see them both bummed out about this stuff, which is in no way under their control.

When I picked mom up from school today, after she found out she'd have to drop, I took her out to lunch somewhere we don't usually go and then played chauffeur for an afternoon of shopping. Played Scrabble with my dad- my best game ever, actually, it was fabulous. I used up all my letters once and managed to beat him! Yay bonding! I took a picture of the board, because it was a pretty impressive game.

Yay scrabble picture! )

Aside from emergency parental bonding, I've been up to a bit of crafting and a bit of writing. I'm working on Experience Required (that one with the mechanic on the living spaceship?) from a long time back. Sudden inspiration, let's just say. And I'm considering a dozen nine six [livejournal.com profile] shkinkmeme fills. Hoping to be social with my friends tomorrow and maybe do all the things from my list today I didn't get done. D: Cleaning. There may be crafty pictures tomorrow too, fingers crossed!
( Dec. 22nd, 2010 07:33 pm)

So family visiting aside (which was actually quite endurable, verging on fun) the beginning of break has been not so great. Namely, this is because I got food poisoning on Monday night, and spent the entirety of yesterday in bed/ the bathroom. Today I'm still all exhausted and weak, not managing full meals quite yet and generally not enjoying myself.

Tomorrow my parents and I are driving down to Atlanta to see Cirque du Soleil, which I'm quite looking forward to. The upcoming holiday itself shouldn't be bad either, all things considered, and the day following Christmas, we're going to see a glass art exhibit in Nashville, meeting my grandparents there for a nice little day outing. Hopefully after that I'll actually be willing and able to meet up with my friends (whom I haven't really seen yet).

The traveling of the first two days of break brought some nice results, in that I finished a couple of crochet critters and snagged a bit of my grandmother's ridiculous collection of yarn. She has like, eight or nine giant tubs of the stuff- stacked all the way to the ceiling in the closet of one of the bedrooms. It's ridiculous! Here are some pictures of my latest creation, your friendly neighborhood angel Castiel from Supernatural. He's missing his coat and tie, but I did what I could and am pretty pleased with how he turned out. Hair, for the record, is hard to do.

Cut for picture! )

Now I'm off to read things. I got the latest Bartimaeus book, The Ring of Solomon (which is actually a prequel, and has been wonderful so far), and am also currently perusing with interest the annotated Shadow of the Templar story. Quite good distractions for a gurgling stomach. *curls up*
Well, all, I survived. The holiday went well- I got to see everyone I said I'd see, spent time with family, played board games, won a game of scrabble, saw the latest HP movie in the theaters, and was generally pampered. It was totally worth the stress of the airports and things to go home for a bit. The bad news is, I had to come back. Twenty days, then finals are over and I'm home for winter break. I really cannot wait.

I managed to keep up with my writing (something to be posted tomorrow, I hope) and also got totally spoiled by my mother, who insisted on buying me anything I looked at for too long. Cue clothes and shoes I actually needed, plus books and crafts I actually did not. I got a book on crocheting adorable creatures, plus lots of yarn and crochet needles and my mother's book on how to crochet, because I've never done it before but I will learn, because how can you resist these guys? You can't. Hopefully sometime early next year I'll have the craft down enough that I can make zombies and knights and all sorts of other cute things.

I also restocked my food stores, and got some baking supplies. I'm going to make chocolate pretzel m&m things (and probably share a picture, because that description is a bit confusing). Right now though, I just kind of want to curl up and die and not face finals.

Tomorrow I'm seriously getting down to work. I need to: correct my Italian composition, draft my peer review letter, create my advertisement for psychology, begin to outline the psychology textbook chapters, read over the next chapter of Italian, work on my vocab, read the next philosophy assignment and write out the summary for extra credit. I probably need to review old philosophy readings and begin to revise my UW paper, but that's probably not going to happen tomorrow. I need to find another poetry even to go to as well, before the paper is due. :/ That should be interesting.

In other news, having had a very successful, wonderful break, I now have to work my butt off so that I can enjoy the next one. Isn't that just how life goes? To lift spirits, I stole the following from [livejournal.com profile] alice_montrose . It's a little list your wishes and see who can fill what thing. The directions are under the cut. In any case, I'm wondering what all of your wishes might be? Hope you're all doing well!

Holiday Wish Exchange Thingymabob )
( Nov. 23rd, 2010 11:12 pm)
Small random post tonight.

I spent several precious typing seconds trying to figure out how to spell nauseaus without checking what spellcheck suggested. After I finally gave up and looked, I went back and changed the word to queasy. This is how I work, apparently. I'm still working on Terry the fairy fun- not the Halloween party today, but something along the lines of Terry's (bad) experience with alcohol. No promises on what'll be shared over the next couple days, though, as I'm home for the holiday.

On that note, I'm home and it feels so good and Will had dinner with my family and me this evening and it was great. Loving the holiday, looking forward to the ham. So yay. :) Hope everyone else is doing well!
( Oct. 21st, 2010 08:06 pm)
This entry will be in the form of a list! Three big things I want to tell you all about:

1. Job interview! I had an interview today and I think it went pretty well like the last three. I should know by next Wednesday if I've gotten the job. The position is as an office assistant like the last three in the International Affairs school. My least favorite part about interviews is when they insist on telling you how great the job is. Today it was all: this is a great environment, it's a lot of work- but it's not hard work, we're really friendly, etc. Well, I've already applied and now you've made me want the job very badly, when there's nothing else I can do to insure that I get it. :/ But fingers crossed!

2. I got a card from my grandmother. It was just a nice hello, how are you doing, sort of card, plus pictures she printed out from our trip to London, plus a hundred dollar check. A random check for a not insignificant amount of money. (Hooray!) I feel like this is compensation of sorts, because they aren't as involved in my life as they are in my cousin's (because he lives nearer to my grandparents than I do). I don't feel as though I need compensating, but I do appreciate the help especially since I haven't got a job yet. I've already gotten out a card to write in return. :)

3. THIS IS THE MOST EXCITING ONE! Hear ye, hear ye- [livejournal.com profile] nano_haven is officially up and running! I've sent out invites to the people who expressed interest in my last post- and if I missed you come on out and join! Membership is moderated, to avoid an influx of people we don't know, but I'd love to have you! Send your friends over too! As long as there's a connection within a few degrees (x is a friend with you, you are a friend with me) we should all get along fine! It's looking a little sad over there all by my lonesome, but become a member and watch out for the Introduce Yourself post. I predict lots of fun and shenanigans in the coming month!

Wow, one sentence in that last paragraph that didn't end in an exclamation point. Can you tell I'm excited?

EDIT: Four things, I lied! I totally forgot about the awesome book I want! How to Survive a Garden Gnome Attack looks pretty hilarious. I don't even remember now how I found it, but see the excerpt below:

Although you’re fairly safe in open spaces, it is never recommended to follow a gnome into the woods should you see one leave the lawn and head for the trees. ... If you step out of the familiarity of your backyard and into the black hole that is the forest, your chances of survival decrease by 60 percent, while your odds of getting bludgeoned to death at the thicket’s edge increase by 200,000 percent.

How can you not be interested?
( Oct. 19th, 2010 05:35 pm)
It feels like it has been forever since we last spoke, f-list. Fear not! It has only been a week in actuality and I have returned!

Playing catch up... )

In other news I finally caved on NaNoWriMo- or, I suppose, not so much caved as created a back up plan. I intend to pledge 1000 words every day on [livejournal.com profile] mini_nanowrimo. I've been writing 750 every day for the past 70 or so days on 750words.com, so I hope this increase will be less intimidating. If I go over and end up hitting the 50000 word mark, that's great. If not, I still reached a goal, so that's great too.

AND ON A RELATED NOTE: I'd like to float this idea with you. Who all out there is doing NaNo or [livejournal.com profile] mini_nanowrimo? Roll call! Do you have friends who are doing either? Do you think they would be interested in the following idea (and if you do, would you send them over here? I was thinking of setting up a community for our little corner of the internet that is taking on one of these challenges. It would be a place to post snippets of what you're working on, complaints, rants, setbacks, encouragement, etc. I was thinking we could do a weekly post to comment with the line you wrote that you love the most, or your most interesting character, or 'include the following in your next chapter' posts, or other things like that. Just a bit of support for like-minded people, since I for one will have a very small rl support group and think this would be a cool idea. Anyone interested?
( Oct. 12th, 2010 03:19 pm)
There is something magical about Tuesday afternoons.

Perhaps its the fact that it seems to be my day to take an hour or hour and a half nap. I have a lovely routine going: finish class at noon, come home and sleep, get up and eat lunch, then relax until next big important thing to do comes along.

Along with eating lunch, I checked my mail (they're in the same building) and found a card from my parents, which included about $85 total in gift cards to very important places like CVS and Safeway (for prescriptions and groceries), and then two for fun- Noodles & Company and Barnes & Noble. So that's pretty exciting and made my day a little bit. Hooray!

I can't believe I forgot to mention this earlier- one of the projects my UW class is the creation of a blog. The class split into groups and every couple of weeks all the members of one group have to post about a specific topic. My group's topic was to expand on the concept of poetry in regards to Mark Nowak's book Coal Mountain Elementary. The first cool thing, was that a couple of days later our professor reported that Mark Nowak had contacted her, and said: ...tell your students I very much enjoyed reading their critical responses to the book! --& that I agree with those who said it is poetry, and agree equally with those who said it's not!! So how cool is that? Feedback from the author himself! Then, the second cool thing came in another email. After each group posts, the professor sends out an email highlighting the best entries and she mentioned mine as being very good! I got an A on that assignment and I'm pretty excited about that, especially since I don't know how I've done on the papers so far.
Man, I've been all kinds of absent lately, but that's what happens when school starts demanding attention. Everything's going pretty well. Aside from the fact that I'm only just now realizing I may be inadvertently outing myself to my family via facebook. I'm friends with my Grandmother, Aunt, and Cousin- plus my Dad keeps talking about joining. So you know, I'm also in AQWA (Queer Women and Allies) and Allied in Pride, and I guess if it ever really was a secret it probably isn't any more.

Maybe no one's noticed. >.>

In other news, I had real life audible connection with the cute guy from my writing class. We were both in the cafeteria around nine, and when I got through the line I sat down near the door so he would see me. The cunning plan worked and he came to sit with me while we ate. It was lovely. It sort of makes me feel as though I've betrayed my lesbian sisters in AQWA. But whatever. Working the bisexuality.

Also, my birthday is on Saturday. I'm kind of thrilled, despite my lack of plans. Rachel asked to take me out to lunch Sunday (she has rehearsal for the One Acts, and is performing in the One Acts Friday and Saturday), but aside from that I'm a bit at a loss. Friday I'm going to see the show, and also watching Supernatural (!!!) assuming I can find a television. The basement one doesn't work, apparently. Saturday is also the National Book Festival, which I plan on attending mid-morning, early afternoon. Nothing else planned for the day of. I got two packages from my parents though! Mail, a new tea mug, chewy sweettarts, some git cards and coupons, a birthday button. Also got a card from my grandparents, which had a check in it, for way more than I could ever ask anyone for. Maybe I'll treat myself to something. OMG I COULD BY SHADOW OF THE TEMPLAR. Erm. Anyway... Ordered. The check hasn't even been deposited and I'm spending money (I know I have enough to cover it, but still). :D

I'm really pretty exhausted- and it's only ten. not a good sign- so I'm going to wrap this up. Wanted to let you all know you haven't been abandoned, even if I'm a little slow/absent on the commenting front. I've also been writing, but that's been kind of sporadic. Working on two separate stories at the moment that both originally spawned off of [livejournal.com profile] kinky_fantasy  prompts, but kind of got minds of their own. No telling when anything will be finished.



( Aug. 18th, 2010 10:43 pm)
I'm writing this as I munch on frozen grapes. They are positively the best snack ever and don't even make me feel guilty! Mark that down as happy thing #1.

The two day trip to see my grandmother (mom's mom) was less excruciating than it could have been. It was still pretty bad, because about after an hour I've had enough of sitting and talking about relatives I don't know and how I've been since the last time we visited. My grandmother is getting old, has pancreatic cancer (which makes me sound like an unsympathetic little twit, but I do care, I promise!) and lives with one of her daughters, who is crazy and takes too much sleep medication. The visits are about as exciting as the six hour there, six hour back drive. But family is important, I get it, I went. I even played nice with my cousin's son, who is three. Look at me, pretending to be a kid person.

On the way back, we visited my other grandparents, in order to pick up the blanket Grandma Sarah was knitting for me. It is purple, lovely and soft, and I'm thrilled to have it and amazed that she was able to knit something so large. It kind of blows my mind.

I am halfway through catching Will up on Firefly and am reasonably confident we shall be able to finish the season before I leave this coming Tuesday.

On the subject of leaving, all of the crates I ordered for my dorm finally arrived in the mail. It's rather exciting. All I have left to do is pack clothes and toilettries, and then clean up my room so that it's fit for habitation while I'm gone. Easy-peasy. (I hope.)

I am 3600 words through the Terry-brings-Dan-home story (whose inspiration can mostly be blamed on credited to [livejournal.com profile] theskimblishone ) and I'm fairly confident that I'll finish it in the next few days, which puts at least two more stories out before I'm gone and is nice because I think my free time is about to close right up to near non-existent (unlike these days, where I lazing about, watching television, and shopping are the only things stopping me from writing all day). Even so, I'm extremely excited for the upcoming school year and think it will be fabulous.
So... sorry to spam, but sometimes my life is not entirely fiction. On to the happiness!

RENT was a lot of fun. It was an amateur college production, put on to benefit the Hope Center. There were some casting choices that I definitely wouldn't have made, and several of the male leads lacked strong voices- the guy who played Roger seemed to be losing his voice entirely which was unfortunate- but it was still a good show. Maureen's protest scene ( my least favorite part of the movie) was done very, very well. I really enjoyed it. The actress who played Maureen was the most talented member of the cast and she kept the show on its feet.

Heh. Aside from the show itself, the night was amusing because a young guy came in alone and sat down beside Drew. After intermission he struck up a conversation despite how much Drew clearly didn't want to talk to him. So they talked anyway and she lied about where she was from and said she was visiting from Ohio. It was hilarious to see her squirm - I'm mean, but not that mean. I inserted myself into the conversation to save her- but it was also kind of sad, because the guy was at the theater, alone, on a Friday night. I mean, he gets pity points at least. They're kind of canceled out by his creepiness, but still.

While waiting to meet Shew for lunch the other day, two other people in my class walked in. Not my friends precisely, per se, but people I know and am friendly with. Then today, I was at the farmer's market and ran into one of them again. What a crazy random happenstance!

This morning my family went for beignets this morning. They were delicious.

I really like this song/music video. It kind of makes my day a little and gets stuck in my head. There's Joseph Gordon-Levitt and dancing! What more could you ask for?  :)

( Jul. 25th, 2010 05:51 pm)
I missed some things, and of course there's more. Here's to a good trip:

The pigeon wandering about the car of the train opposite us. He seemed very happy to be doing so.

Buying John Barrowman's I Am What I Am, even though I never had a physical copy of Anything Goes and never finished listening to the audio copy Shew gave me. (I'm far too much of a visual person for that, apparently.) So far the book has been fabulous.

Tea at Claridges- very fancy, very proper, very delicious. I think I've been spoiled for scones now.

Seeing STOMP in a very small theater with my family. Loud, hilarious, fun.

Being encouraged to spend money. Being a little mocked a bit for not doing so. Finally giving in and buying a hat and a pocket watch I wanted. :)

So that's caught up. Currently my cousin is watching the movie 300 and I'm sitting in the same room not watching it and being a little baffled. There's nothing about this movie that even leans toward being appealing to me. At all. :p

Highlights so far:

My cousin nearly walking straight out in front of a speeding cab (which is equal parts hilarious and terrifying).

My mother's tube ticket failing to work and the employee cracking up at her pitiful expression. He laughed for a very long time, quite loudly. She didn't know whether or not to be insulted. In the end though, he let her through and gave us directions. Good times.

The Comedy of Errors at the Globe. We were groundlings, and the experience was fabulous, not to mention how hilarious the show was. I would definitely recommend it to anyone in town.

Seeing the Parthenon at the British Museum. I saw it last time I came, but the sheer size and magnificence still astounds me.

Likewise, the statues at the Victoria and Albert Museum. It is positively amazing the detail and motion that sculptors were able to bring forth from a single block of marble. I took lots of pictures, perhaps I'll post them later.

Aside from that, the flat we're staying in has been wonderful. Being with the family is generally good, although at times trying. The weather has been fantastic. I'm very tired, almost all the time, which isn't very relaxing, but I guess that's the price I pay for seeing so many interesting sights. I'm so very glad that I've had this much fun, with a week yet to go.
( Jul. 13th, 2010 05:27 pm)
It is at this point during the summer, in the middle of my two week stretch of inactivity (by which I mean, no traveling or volunteering), that I am reminded how much my life benefits from a bit of structure. I perform pretty well in a structured environment, where I have to get out and do things, where I am being held accountable, etc.

Weeks like this, not so much. It's so much easier to procrastinate when there's no real, impending deadline. I have a whole raft of things I could be doing: 
  • Emailing my roommate a list of things we should be able to share (television, printer, curtains, etc)
  • Checking to see if Alex is in town so that I can make him the cookies he bought at the auction
  • Ostensibly, cleaning out all my stuff and seeing what I want to take with me this fall
  • Packing/planning on what to pack for London
  • Going over the touristy information on Cardiff my mother sent me
  • Likewise, going over the trip itinerary she sent me
  • Pulling together my outfit for the steampunk event in London
  • Writing the next chapter of what I'm writing on [livejournal.com profile] conceivingaplot because that whole posting when I'm a chapter and a half ahead in writing totally fell apart.
Instead I find myself going through ridiculous lengths to procrastinate. I'm having thought processes that go something like: "Oh, I reread the first two SoT novels a while back, why don't I just finish the series, again," and "Hm, I wonder if the library cares if I put the cds I check out onto my computer. I don't think I really care one way or another," which of course ends up with me wasting a bunch of time. Staying up too late and spending too much time online, as well. Not to mention the crazy plan of catching up with an entire season of Supernatural in two weeks (which is turning into forcing ten episodes in four days and I think I can say with confidence we're not going to make it. No offense Will. It's not for lack of trying).

Also I'm crushingly not really excited for London. Maybe it hasn't sunken in yet that we're going? I mean, it's something that's pretty exciting, I just don't have butterflies yet. :/
( Jul. 5th, 2010 08:30 pm)
Birthday stuff went okay. Apparently my card was really awesome. *shrug* Good times.

In other news I feel like I'm in a horror movie.

Little did the family know that what they had assumed to be an ant infestation was really a cover for a large scale alien invasion.

Yeah. We have ants, but their not the usual ants we get sometimes in the summer. For one they're huge. Secondly, while they're all across the living room floor, some walls, and occasionally the ceiling, they have not even set foot in the kitchen. Not even last night, when we accidentally left rice krispie treats out, or all day today when my mom's birthday cake was waiting to be iced, or even after it was iced.

Essentially, they're just really creepy ants and they're everywhere. Also they collect their dead. >.> Weird.

ALSO! Just to make this one of the most eclectic posts ever I present you with this dilemma:

I'm writing a story with characters A, B, C, and D. The chapters alternate between A and B's pov. However, there is extremely relevant information in C's personal background that I would really like to convey to the reader. While C might tell D about it, he probably wouldn't do so explicitly or in the presence of A or B.

Now, I'm a fan of consistancy, so I feel that doing a chapter from C's pov is both cheating and kind of cheap. If other people probably won't see it that way, I'll do that, regardless of my preference, if only because I can't for the life of me think how to smoothly integrate the information. Thoughts?
( Mar. 20th, 2010 10:28 pm)
The other day as we were watching television, a Twilight commercial came on. Seeing Robert Pattinson, but not realizing what the commercial was for, my mother commented with confusion and slight concern: "He seems very... pale."

It was remarkably hilarious.

The same day, I believe, I was waiting to pay for a manicure (a rare indulgence, but rather nice) at a spa, and a young man stepped up to the counter next to me. He was nicely dressed in business attire- dress shirt and tie, as well as freshly trimmed hair- and was about two and a half feet taller than me. A very striking and impressive figure.

He payed out of his wallet made of silver duck tape.

>.< Life is funny sometimes.
Life has improved as of later, or at the very least my outlook has done a three-sixty from where it was the last time I posted. This change may be accounted for by the fact that I've been taking special care to do more enjoyable things, and shirk obligations and stress. Done a bit of reading, writing, and video game playing, and also watched interesting television and mixed up cookies. Ignored as much homework as can be done while maintaining my grades and haven't thought about college. I'm tired of stressing about that all the time, while there's nothing I can do.

As for television, my family is watching Heroes, but by my father's decree, we can only watch one episode per night (we get in about 4 a week) so it's going depressingly slowly. My mom and I had a marathon last Friday while my dad was playing poker, so we're a dvd ahead of him, but that's a secret. It's really good and I understand what all the hype was about now. Another good show I've stumbled across is Leverage, which I've only seen two episodes of, but proves to be both interesting, action filled, and amusing.

Writing-wise I've decided that I'm going to start writing ideas as they come to me. Usually, I get an idea and have to figure out the lead up to that particular scene and start writing there so that eventually I get to the idea that sparked the story. This isn't a very good process, however, because more often than not the lead up bit takes on an entirely different tone, or I can't get the two to line up properly. I have about eight written pages of interaction between Theo and a photographer named Luke because I had an interesting  idea for Theo, Seth, and Luke later on. All of these pages will be abandoned because they are very serious and dramatic, and involve a complicated backstory for Luke- when all I wanted was to really get at the idea I had. You would think I'd have realized earlier I just need to go with things. *shrug*

Anyway, that was the story I was going to post for International Fetish Day, before it ran away from me. Ah well, it's the thought that counts, I suppose.




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