( Aug. 20th, 2011 03:42 pm)
This post is about GOOD things, of which there are quite a few in my life (even though I forget that, sometimes).

1. I am currently 10lbs lighter than I was when I first came home for the summer! That means I'm down a jean size and feeling a lot better about myself. I still have 12lbs to go before my BMI is in the 'healthy weight' range and my goal is 12 more after that, but it's a start and I'm so pleased with my progress!

2. I'm coming to terms with the things I can't control. My family has a history of depression, anxiety, a slew of other mental issues that can be inherited. I've started a conversation with my family and, through the help of a friend who is currently dealing with his own issues, have located resources in DC that I think will help me deal with these issues. I have an aunt who said she never realized how depressed she was until she went on anti-depressants-- I feel the same way about my anxiety. I'm a tightly wound person and I think speaking to a therapist will be beneficial. I'm glad that I have the support to start dealing with those issues.

3. I'm so freaking excited to go back to school. I'm heading to DC this Thursday and am most of the way packed. This year will be fantastic for several reasons, including my awesome schedule (Biological Anthropology, Sociocultural Anthropology, Shakespeare, and 20th Century Irish Literature!) and the fact that I will have a kitchen. I spent yesterday copying and pasting recipes out of library books into a hard cover notebook, and included the ones [livejournal.com profile] theotherdibbler sent me, as well as my own cookie recipes. I'm excited to try new things and expand my recipe repertoire. If anyone else has any recipes they'd like to share, just give me a shout!

4. The above mentioned friend and I have been making plans to help each other get out more and be involved in things. He's also providing kitchen supplies (dishes, pans and things) so that we can cook more and both keep our budgets down. We signed up for a yoga class together as well, which I think is going to be much more fun for having someone I know to take it with.

5. The past week I've had the opportunity to catch up with friends I've missed all summer, hang out with people I won't see during the school year, and have some great conversations (and great food!). I've even spent some time with my sister and am planning to go bowling with her. Our relationship isn't very good, generally speaking, but we've gotten so much better that I'm actually looking forward to it.

( Mar. 12th, 2011 04:52 pm)
I've been largely absent for the past couple of weeks and probably won't reliably return until next week. I'm going to spend some time catching up on comments and my f-list today, but in the coming week I'll be participating full time in a service project. Hopefully it will be fun.

In my absence: my parents visited, I had two job interviews, was invited to share an apartment with a friend over the summer, failed a logic test, aced two archaeology tests, offered fiction for the New Zealand Auction here -- the bidding ends for that on Sunday if anyone's interested; I've worked a bit on the "Airport" story that made an appearance in this meme, begun anonymously filling a Torchwood/Sherlock prompt on the [livejournal.com profile] shkinkmeme  here (which is going a lot faster than the previously mentioned story, in all truth), and have failed to begin writing the three archaeology papers that will be due in the next month.

I also bought bus tickets to NYC for a day trip with a few of my friends in April, and took over more serious responsibilities for Scrabble Club and am in charge of advertising for our tournament. I made cookies for my roommate's birthday and found a neat chocolate-cake-in-a-mug recipe to try out, and discovered this adorable video of baby red pandas. I went to the zoo and saw two theater productions, 12 Angry Men and Laughter on the 23rd Floor, which were fabulous, plus the film Unknown, which was not as good as it could have been.

So, um, I've been a bit busy. :D

Today is a dull day, because Alternative Breaks doesn't start until tomorrow and now that it's spring break there's approximately no one on campus, the dining hall is closed and the bus is running on a slower schedule. Not to mention the vending machine ate my money and told me I couldn't have a soda. But I finally have the time to respond to everybody's entries, so hooray! Right after I go raid another dorm's vending machine...
1. As a result of the New Zealand Earthquake an auction to help Christchurch, NZ has been created here: [livejournal.com profile] help_nz. There is currently a lightening round up and a request post. The official auction will open for offers February 28th, and for bids March 1st (though I don't know precisely why the delay. They have an awesome delicious post for sorting through the current bids and requests though, if anyone is interested in having a look.

2. I have lately become obsessed with listening to The Arctic Monkeys and playing 8 Letters in Search of a Word.While they first will have no effect on my GPA, the second is reason enough to stop bringing my laptop to class. It's rather addictive.

3. My parents are taking the MegaBus up here to visit me as we speak. For the both of them, round trip, the ride cost $4. I'm really excited to see them and we're going to go shopping and go out to eat. They're taking me and a couple of friends out to a steak house on Sunday, so I'm rather excited. Wow, that was unnecessary linkage. Apparently I'm going for the most links ever in this post.

4. A group of students from my dorm and the dorm next door went to see The Social Network at the live-in faculty's apartment last night and have free burritos and a discussion about the film. It was very interesting, but the part that stood out to me the most was that (it was implied that) everyone at Harvard read Mark Zuckerberg's livejournal. Which just struck me as kind of odd.

5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY [livejournal.com profile] charisstoma ! Hope your day is full of wonderful things! :D
( Feb. 11th, 2011 12:23 am)
Now that my school!writing has been gotten out of the way I'm a healthy ~600 words into the first of four projects I'd like to see finished sometime soonish. I haven't finished my auction things, but I am working on them a bit every day so they're coming along nicely. I'll get pics up once they're finished. Aside from that I need to learn four chapters of logic before the test on Tuesday. I think I get most of it, but just in case I have a fabulous study buddy.

Having no Valentines plans for myself, I have committed myself to a 5 movie long chick flick marathon with a friend of mine and her roommates, as well as helping my friend's boyfriend surprise her. Woohoo!

In other news, I've made a wonderful new friend- someone who knew about Firefly without me introducing her, loves Shakespeare, and is a Sherlock Holmes nerd- that I've been introducing to Doctor Who. She's recently been devastated by the loss of the ninth Doctor. I helped console her by agreeing to watch The Twelfth Night. It was suitably hilarious and wonderful.

So yeah... yay for Friday!

OH! And thanks for the gift [livejournal.com profile] theskimblishone ! I'm thrilled and excited!
So, my family's had some troubles recently. My dad went up to Pennsylvania to interview for a job that he really wanted. He bought a new tie and everything. They never got back to him, at all, which is odd because it's a rather high level professional job and they could at least send something, right? On top of this, my mom needs to have elbow surgery again, which means she has to put off her last semester of school (she's training to become a nurse) until this summer. She already had to do this to have the first surgery and she made a bunch of friends with this new group, who are sad to see her go. I just- I dunno. There's nothing, really, that I can do but I hate to see them both bummed out about this stuff, which is in no way under their control.

When I picked mom up from school today, after she found out she'd have to drop, I took her out to lunch somewhere we don't usually go and then played chauffeur for an afternoon of shopping. Played Scrabble with my dad- my best game ever, actually, it was fabulous. I used up all my letters once and managed to beat him! Yay bonding! I took a picture of the board, because it was a pretty impressive game.

Yay scrabble picture! )

Aside from emergency parental bonding, I've been up to a bit of crafting and a bit of writing. I'm working on Experience Required (that one with the mechanic on the living spaceship?) from a long time back. Sudden inspiration, let's just say. And I'm considering a dozen nine six [livejournal.com profile] shkinkmeme fills. Hoping to be social with my friends tomorrow and maybe do all the things from my list today I didn't get done. D: Cleaning. There may be crafty pictures tomorrow too, fingers crossed!


( Dec. 15th, 2010 05:24 pm)
I'm DONE(!!!) with finals! I refrained from posting until now just to be sure I wouldn't jinx/distract myself, and here I am finished with finals and with my first semester!

Things went pretty well. I had three tests and I'm expecting at least a B on everything, but fingers are crossed for something higher. I get to go home Friday!  Though it's possible that I will be locked out of the dorm in 24 hours, which is all kinds of no good, but I will face that when it comes to it. :/

In other news, I'm super psyched. I have a shopping trip planned for tomorrow, and a movie date with a friend, and lots of relaxing and catching up on television in the mean time! :D


Also I just learned how to make my desktop background into a slideshow, which I previously did not know I could do! My background is now rotating between Sherlock, Supernatural, and Merlin quote oriented wallpapers. Hooray!
( Nov. 16th, 2010 05:05 pm)
So. Here I am putting off another paper (this one's not due tomorrow though, no worries) and it occurs to me that I'm not really happy with my noveling efforts this November. The story has become less than interesting, and I'm really don't need another 50000 word manuscript sitting on my computer, in desperate need of a polish and quite possibly never going to make it anywhere. I'd still like to hit my 1000 words of fiction goal for [livejournal.com profile] mini_nanowrimo , but what I like the most about being here on LJ is that I get to share my stuff with you guys.

My question, then, is this: What do you want to see? Obviously, I am writing primarily for my own enjoyment/entertainment, but I'd love to hear what you guys are interested in. More on the super powers verse? Some magic? Anything? I'd really love some prompts (even/especially if they're of the "I'm interested in such and such character' or 'tell me about so and so's biggest secret' variety).

But honestly, I'm not picky. Prompts, anyone?

Expect Sherlock!fic before the week is out. I just need to post the last bit to the meme...
( Oct. 12th, 2010 12:04 am)
Oh dearest LJ friends- you should be proud of me. Really, you should. I'm sure the endless accounts of my (slightly pathetic) journey to find acceptance at college are beginning to wear thin- but I come to you with hope! Today I saw/talked with some very awesome people! I say saw because I didn't actually talk with the first one I want to tell you about- Jane Goodall!

Jane, some slightly less famous people, and the obnoxious couple outside my window. )
( Sep. 3rd, 2010 08:44 am)
Man. So I totally intended on having a quiet night in of catching up on LJ and watching West Wing last night. Then my roommate came home from Trader Joes, with groceries and a friend and we had a picnic because it was 7:30 and I hadn't eaten since lunch. It meandered into a group of four socializing- more friends of my roomie than friends of mine- then my roommate left for library. And the others stayed. >.<

I'm not really upset- it was cool to talk to these girls and hang out- and they did leave by ten. But still. I guess I'll be having that quiet night tomorrow. Or sometime. Tonight though, I'm thinking of going to the party at the gender neutral townhouse.

Did you read that? Because I'm pretty sure it's a reason that I am so proud to be at this school. The gender neutral townhouse. And they're throwing a party. And I was invited! The LGBT scene here is pretty awesome. We had a celebration for the opening of the opening of the new resource center, I attended a social and now might be going to a party. I'm on the mailing lists for the Queer Women group and Allied in Pride. They host Glee nights in the Marvin Center Auditorium and have once a month lgbt themed movies at the honors house. Have I mentioned I'm excited? I'm excited.

My only question is if this party is worth going to when I don't drink.
( Aug. 31st, 2010 10:26 pm)
Mostly caught up on reading, not quite caught up on commenting, but I hope you're all doing well and I'm thinking of you even if I don't manage to get on as often! Hoping that next week, or this weekend, I'll be able to sort out some time to start writing, once my schedule has settled down a bit. (Not gonna lie, I wrote a bit of porn this evening, but) Welcome week is all kinds of overwhelming. There's so much stuff going on! I'm having a lot of fun though, meeting nice people and managing to get everything done that I need to.

It's probably weird, but the thing I like most so far is the independance. Not only from my parents, but I don't feel obligated to always have someone by my side. I'm going to lunch on my own, going to class on my own and I'm not feeling awkward about it. I have friends- no one incredibly close yet, but it hasn't even been a week- but it's nice because they're the type I run into and am friendly with, that I can call if I'm feeling lonely and know that they'll make time for me. Or at least, I think they will. In any case, I feel rather optimistic.

Got a flyer about the LGBT Resource Center events going on. They have Tuesday Glee nights at the Marvin Center, and movie nights on occasional Thursdays. The first is a documentary, "Small Town Gay Bar." Guess what it's about!  There are also a bunch of events for National Coming Out Week (did anyone else not know that was actually a thing?) It's October 11-15. Haha, coincidentally enough, parents' weekend is the 15th through the 17th. Coincidence? You decide.

Run down of classes so far goes like this: Italian (which I was super excited for) remains boring and riddled with technological problems. Contemporary Poetry is going to be awesome, and I believe this especially after reading the first chapter of Muriel Rukeyser's Life of Poetry. Tai Chi will be a nice stress relief, if I can stop feeling like the fattest person in the room. Geology will probably be boring: huge class, rambling professor, no real enthusiasm, plus labs that I worry about failing. Still waiting to see how Psych is going to go. Hopefully it will be good, because it's quite an interesting subject. It mainly falls down to the prof, though.
( Aug. 27th, 2010 04:01 pm)
First off, thanks to everyone who supported me and wished me luck in my last post. Most of my anxiety has dissipated now that I'm here and getting things sorted out.
I've been rather busy the past couple of days (cut for length). )

Um. I guess that's about all. I haven't been keeping up with my f-list, so I hope you're all right. I'll try to catch up this coming weekend, before classes start. I think this year is going to go well. I'm feeling very positive about it, especially having talked to our small group guide, Ale, who cares so very much about giving us useful advice about the campus and about not worrying too much about what you want to do for a career just yet (because she's graduating this year and even her classmates haven't quite figured it out, regardless of their majors). I'm glad I've had the opportunity to learn some things and meet some people before everyone gets here. I feel as though I have such the advantage.
( Aug. 13th, 2010 05:37 pm)
Psh, I'm bad at this every day thing. But I'm having pretty good days anyway!

I'm seeing a local production of RENT tonight with one of my best friends in the world

The past several days I've hung out with nearly all the people I could who are important to me, in preparation for my leaving.

Today there were cookies. Chocolate chip. Omnomnom, my favorite.

I have plans for a Matrix movie marathon tomorrow Sunday. (whoops). It's pretty exciting (though I've only ever seen the first one...)

I am three fourths of the way entirely packed, with just essentially my clothes and things I use every day to go.

The book I started reading- and seriously, I love to read, but I am so bad about actually sitting down and cracking open a book. Once I do, I hardly put it down until I've finished- has been wonderful so far.

I finished a prompt for [livejournal.com profile] kinky_fantasy  about a dragon.
( Aug. 11th, 2010 10:56 am)
Heh. Missed a day. Maybe I'll list twice today, since I've only been up two hours. Anyway, happiness from yesterday!

Again with the nice people being nice. Went in to have a Hep B titer drawn (because the school demands it) and the nurse and I talked about how uncomfortable it is to have blood drawn from the finger (as she did it from my arm). Normally the doctor does it from my finger, which is always terrible because I apparently don't bleed well from there. Bad circulation or something. Anyway, she was lovely and it didn't even hurt. :)

Shewmaker came over to hang out for a little bit. Having not seen her all summer, it was great to catch up. I'm gonna miss Shew once school starts, but for now it was cool to just talk about Doctor Who and Buffy and charlieissocoollike. And school, which is less exciting for her because she's sticking near home. Still. Awesometimes.

When Shew came, she returned to me a comic book that I didn't even remember having, let alone lending to her. It was like getting a present!

I listened to the classic rock radio station, which I don't normally do, as I was waiting for my mother's doctor appointment to end (nothing life-threatening, but she had a migraine). The music made what might have otherwise been a boring hour pretty entertaining. I was badly prepared for the wait- no mp3 player, no notebook, nothing- so having the radio was a blessing.

I found the Supernatural Season 5 gag reel on youtube. Will came over and we watched it, then chatted for an hour about various things. The gag reel was hilarious, as always, and the chatting was nice. A little random, but nice.

The folders on Mohinder are finally organized. I went through and shuffled everything under 'Fiction' into genre related folders, deleted stuff I would never need again, and then copied the lot onto my flash-drive. Not only am I organized, I'm also backed up! Hooray! :D

A good thing came of a bad thing- my evening set aside for writing the other day didn't go precisely as planned, and now the next Terry/Dan story may be a while in coming. I got to that place where I disliked everything I was writing and had to force myself to go on. So I stopped, took a break, did other things for a while. When I came back to it yesterday, I decided I still wasn't in the right headspace, so I pulled out Tango. Working on that was way easier, because I can pull up the original, complete rough draft in one half of the screen and the chapter I'm working on in the other, and then working from there is essentially editing sentences and adding details, etc. It's a lot like writing, but way more like re-writing, which I think has helped me get back into the zone.

( Aug. 7th, 2010 08:36 pm)
Title: Caffeinated
Fandom: original (Terry/Dan)
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 1917
Summary: Dan and Terry visit everyone's favorite coffee shop and learn something new about each other. Who knew fairy magic reacted badly to caffeine?
A/N: [livejournal.com profile] theotherdibbler  issued this challenge for stories set inside this coffee shop. I thought it was time Terry and Dan joined the fun. Brand names are stolen from the original stories, and I might be writing another one about the shop. There's a certain phrase I didn't quite work into this story, but won't let me go. In any case, enjoy!

On to the shop... )
weebly reliable statistics
( Aug. 4th, 2010 09:09 pm)
So, Shewmaker (possibly inadvertently) helped to cheer me up by sharing some wonderful youtube videos. My favorite- and possibly one of the best clips I've seen was this one: They Say of the Acropolis Where the Parthenon Lives.It's a clip of the British quiz show QI, which is rather funny in itself.

Thank you all for your lovely, kind, understanding support. I think I've handled things as best I could, and hopefully tomorrow will come with a better outlook on life and better grasp on how to deal. You've all really helped me out.
( Jul. 3rd, 2010 09:23 pm)
I'm hoooome! I have to say, that was possibly one of the busiest, most stressful, most exciting and fun times of my life. I am successfully oriented.

In the beginning orientation was mostly intimidating and vaguely creepy. I mean, twenty-seven REALLY EXCITED PEOPLE were bouncing and singing and chanting and clapping and dancing for three days straight. No lie. The Cabinet Members (current students) were peppy all the time. They waited in the elevators to yell "Good Morning!" at people coming down for breakfast. Despite this, they were approachable and awesome at the same time somehow. 

It's kind of funny though. Get 500 kids away from their parents and the main things they want to ask about regarding school are: alcohol, sex, and drugs. The cabinet members were pretty open about everything. Except the things they couldn't legally tell us, being employees and all.

All of my roommates (all five of them, god am I glad I'm not in that dorm) from orientation are going to be in my house next year. They were all generally awesome, but I really connected with a couple of girls, plus someone from my small group and this random guy who's going to be an engineer of some yet undecided major.

So Kelsey (from small group) and Luke (engineer guy) and I bonded over the student showcase, which featured a portion of acting, singing, and dancing student organizations. I'd really like to try out for an a Capella group next year, but I'm kind of nervous about it. I'm not really the best at auditions, but I'll probably try anyway. :)

So overall it was loads of fun and I can't wait to start school this fall!
( Dec. 29th, 2009 07:15 pm)


So... feeling guilty about being so harsh about Christmas a few posts ago. Dunno what that all was about, aside from general distress about the lack of sincerity behind the holiday. I like gifts, not obligations. I also like to give gifts, so reason stands that I should gak Rae-lets Christmas Wishlist Meme thing, in a moment of self-indulgence.

The pretense is to share among friends what you want for Christmas and to, in return, learn what your friends want. Valiant attempts will be made to purchase something for every one of my friends whose list I see, so repost this, or comment with your own wish list!

The list includes:
  • One item over a hundred dollars
  • Two items between fifty and one hundred dollars
  • Three items between twenty and fifty dollars
  • Three items below twenty dollars
  • Three things that can be done relatively cheaply (a fic request, an art request, a letter/card, a small painting/drawing, etc.)
  • Your address (email me or im me for this if you haven't got it.)
I feel vaguely guilty for how self-indulgent this is, but it's in the spirit of getting other people to help you give to them, so it's okay!

My list... )
( Jul. 23rd, 2009 03:55 pm)
Well, I've shaped up my reading list, completing or giving up on all the books I was working on. Then I went out and bought Wish You Were Here: the Official Douglas Adams Biography by Nick Webb because I found it at Big Lots, and added it to the stack of "books I have read that I liked and might conceivably want to read again in the future", because obviously I couldn't find anything else expensive or space consuming to collect. >.<

On top of that, I updated the list of things I've read, where I'm tallying the pages and comparing them to what I accomplished last year. Last year I read 12663 pages. Right now, over halfway through the year- I'm at 3657. Not so impressive, unless I count all the things I've found online, and read via the interweb before I realized they were also available in print. Those weren't in my original tally! Which means, Shadow of the Templar (the entire series- which is on my list of things I want, but will never ask my parents for and will probably buy my fresh. year of college) gets tacked on, as well as The God Eaters by Jesse Hajicek, which I read all of between yesterday afternoon and this morning. It was a brilliant mix of fantasy, adventure and western (gay) romance; my heart is still pounding. All of you should go read and/or buy it now.

So, that brings my total up to a slightly more respectable 5610. It's amazing how I can read the equivalent of 450 pages of fiction online in less than 24 hours, but still haven't managed to start my summer reading, which is shorter than that by far.
What I've been up to, as well as a bit of poetry, loneliness and some google.docs hating... )

On an entirely different note- because hey, if I'm going to make a long post, I might as well make it worth it- I am beating myself over the head in an attempt to convince my muses that NaNo is an entirely unthinkable obligation to make this year. What with college apps, AP classes, my creative writing class, youth council obligations, club duties and marching band stuff, I seriously do not have time for it this year. But on the off-chance that I make time, I have a brilliant plot involving adventure, thievery, corruption, and possibly romance and the most endearing characters/muses ever. Also I have basically the whole plot, just waiting to be committed to an outline.

Can anyone else see that this will not be a good thing, whichever way it goes?





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