( Nov. 3rd, 2011 10:29 am)
Swing: Up!

I had an appointment with my therapist and by mutual agreement we decided that I would stop my weekly appointments. This decision is, in part, because I feel like I'm in a good place right now and have everything under control and also because I know the University Counseling center is understaffed and overbooked. I don't need appointments as much as some of my friends do. I have good coping techniques, am intelligent, kind, and generous (therapists words, not mine!) so I should be alright and I can always make an appointment if I feel the desire to do so.

That appointment was at 8am, which seemed ridiculously early, but I'm glad I started my day out that way. Two of my classes got cancelled today, leaving me a bunch of free time until my Anth class this afternoon. I'm using that time to catch up on LJ, novel, plan out my paper, and generally relax. I feel really satisfied with how things are going and it was nice to hear that my therapist has confidence in me. It was just- very validating.

Here's to a good day! Hope everyone else is having a good one as well! *hugs you all*
( Sep. 13th, 2011 01:18 pm)
Guess who's employed at the university library?! If you guessed someone other than me that was kind of silly. :D This is a giant relief, as this is the job I wanted the most. I've cancelled my tutoring interview (though I may still volunteer through the program). I have some paperwork to do and then I can start. I'll be doing administration support and maintanence for the printers and computers. Not glamorous, but it pays and it's close!

I got your package [livejournal.com profile] theotherdibbler! Thanks so much! Just when I thought my day couldn't get better, I got mail and books, and a lovely pretty card. :D

Cancelled the upcoming sessions with the first psych. Apparently that wasn't a free consultation, but an actual session by her records so I'm super glad that I cancelled, because I didn't get anything out of that first one.

So now: dishes, German homework, Socioculture Anth, and then paper writing!

( Sep. 5th, 2010 06:55 pm)
I took a nap earlier this afternoon and feel considerably better. Not all the way normal, but that's okay because tomorrow is Labor Day and we don't have classes then. I think I'm going to go to the library and rent a movie to watch tomorrow.

Today there was a tie-dying booth on the quad, and I tie-dyed a white sweatshirt with purple and blue colors. It's currently in a zip-lock bag beside my desk, so I hope it turned out alright. I'll take it out, unrubberband it and rinse it later this evening to find out! I had a lot of fun this afternoon. There was also a poster sale and I got a Supernatural poster of the boys (minus Cas *sadface*). I also got a little print of Vincent van Gogh's Starry Night.I'm quite happy. Now the space above my bed (which is in a corner, and one wall of which is made partially of windows) has those posters, my "-TO VICTORY" dalek poster, and the dream catcher Shaina gave me before she moved. It's quite lovely.

Productivity-wise, I got a lot done today. I sent emails I needed to, read half my philosophy assignment for Friday, printed out my new schedule, tie-dyed, shopped for posters, and applied to six (6) jobs! I had eight I wanted to apply to, but the last two have requirements that weren't easily met. I don't know how to get an official transcript for the Writing Program, and an Office Assistant position asked for a writing sample. I've never applied to something that wanted a writing sample, and I'm not sure what kind of sample/what kind of writing they're looking for. (I know it's certainly not slash though, guys! XD )

I should probably eat actual food for dinner, if I can find some. I had cereal for breakfast, gummy bears and free nan (which was also out, with a bunch of foreign-y foods on the quad) for lunch and... um. Have sort of been snacking on gummy bears for dinner. So healthy, I know. :P

ALSO: You would think in half a 16 by 20 foot dorm room I would not be able to lose Felix's cord. Especially you would think I couldn't loose the back up as well. Yet somehow, I have. :/
So... sorry to spam, but sometimes my life is not entirely fiction. On to the happiness!

RENT was a lot of fun. It was an amateur college production, put on to benefit the Hope Center. There were some casting choices that I definitely wouldn't have made, and several of the male leads lacked strong voices- the guy who played Roger seemed to be losing his voice entirely which was unfortunate- but it was still a good show. Maureen's protest scene ( my least favorite part of the movie) was done very, very well. I really enjoyed it. The actress who played Maureen was the most talented member of the cast and she kept the show on its feet.

Heh. Aside from the show itself, the night was amusing because a young guy came in alone and sat down beside Drew. After intermission he struck up a conversation despite how much Drew clearly didn't want to talk to him. So they talked anyway and she lied about where she was from and said she was visiting from Ohio. It was hilarious to see her squirm - I'm mean, but not that mean. I inserted myself into the conversation to save her- but it was also kind of sad, because the guy was at the theater, alone, on a Friday night. I mean, he gets pity points at least. They're kind of canceled out by his creepiness, but still.

While waiting to meet Shew for lunch the other day, two other people in my class walked in. Not my friends precisely, per se, but people I know and am friendly with. Then today, I was at the farmer's market and ran into one of them again. What a crazy random happenstance!

This morning my family went for beignets this morning. They were delicious.

I really like this song/music video. It kind of makes my day a little and gets stuck in my head. There's Joseph Gordon-Levitt and dancing! What more could you ask for?  :)

( Aug. 13th, 2010 05:37 pm)
Psh, I'm bad at this every day thing. But I'm having pretty good days anyway!

I'm seeing a local production of RENT tonight with one of my best friends in the world

The past several days I've hung out with nearly all the people I could who are important to me, in preparation for my leaving.

Today there were cookies. Chocolate chip. Omnomnom, my favorite.

I have plans for a Matrix movie marathon tomorrow Sunday. (whoops). It's pretty exciting (though I've only ever seen the first one...)

I am three fourths of the way entirely packed, with just essentially my clothes and things I use every day to go.

The book I started reading- and seriously, I love to read, but I am so bad about actually sitting down and cracking open a book. Once I do, I hardly put it down until I've finished- has been wonderful so far.

I finished a prompt for [livejournal.com profile] kinky_fantasy  about a dragon.
( Aug. 11th, 2010 10:56 am)
Heh. Missed a day. Maybe I'll list twice today, since I've only been up two hours. Anyway, happiness from yesterday!

Again with the nice people being nice. Went in to have a Hep B titer drawn (because the school demands it) and the nurse and I talked about how uncomfortable it is to have blood drawn from the finger (as she did it from my arm). Normally the doctor does it from my finger, which is always terrible because I apparently don't bleed well from there. Bad circulation or something. Anyway, she was lovely and it didn't even hurt. :)

Shewmaker came over to hang out for a little bit. Having not seen her all summer, it was great to catch up. I'm gonna miss Shew once school starts, but for now it was cool to just talk about Doctor Who and Buffy and charlieissocoollike. And school, which is less exciting for her because she's sticking near home. Still. Awesometimes.

When Shew came, she returned to me a comic book that I didn't even remember having, let alone lending to her. It was like getting a present!

I listened to the classic rock radio station, which I don't normally do, as I was waiting for my mother's doctor appointment to end (nothing life-threatening, but she had a migraine). The music made what might have otherwise been a boring hour pretty entertaining. I was badly prepared for the wait- no mp3 player, no notebook, nothing- so having the radio was a blessing.

I found the Supernatural Season 5 gag reel on youtube. Will came over and we watched it, then chatted for an hour about various things. The gag reel was hilarious, as always, and the chatting was nice. A little random, but nice.

The folders on Mohinder are finally organized. I went through and shuffled everything under 'Fiction' into genre related folders, deleted stuff I would never need again, and then copied the lot onto my flash-drive. Not only am I organized, I'm also backed up! Hooray! :D

A good thing came of a bad thing- my evening set aside for writing the other day didn't go precisely as planned, and now the next Terry/Dan story may be a while in coming. I got to that place where I disliked everything I was writing and had to force myself to go on. So I stopped, took a break, did other things for a while. When I came back to it yesterday, I decided I still wasn't in the right headspace, so I pulled out Tango. Working on that was way easier, because I can pull up the original, complete rough draft in one half of the screen and the chapter I'm working on in the other, and then working from there is essentially editing sentences and adding details, etc. It's a lot like writing, but way more like re-writing, which I think has helped me get back into the zone.

( Aug. 9th, 2010 07:10 pm)
I stole this shamelessly from [livejournal.com profile] theskimblishone . A brilliant prompt to write about positive things. Here goes:

I'm probably way too easy to please, but I really like it when cashiers are pleasant. The girl behind the Seattle's Best counter at Borders was very nice. We chatted about my bag (she has the same one) and it kind of made my day a little.

I finally bought Mohinder one of those stretchy case/cover things. It's a mulberry color, which is lovely. Now I feel way better about sticking him in a backpack or some such.

I set aside tonight for writing. All evening. Writing whatever I want. I'm looking forward to it!

I dressed up a little today (skirt, nice shirt, and wedge sandals). Not only did I feel more confident, but I also felt taller! The sandals add two or three inches, which is a lot when you're only 5'1" to begin with.

The twelve K-pop songs I have still haven't gotten old. I really need to go buy a CD, because I like the music, but until I do I'm glad I can settle for the songs I already have. They're damn catchy and make me want to dance.

I spent some time out by myself today. Since I'm waiting for school to start, essentially, and everyone is too busy to hang out, it was nice to have time doing whatever I want. Which in this case was a bit of shopping and then crashing at Borders with a hot chocolate to write out some more Terry/Dan.

Since this time last week, I lost three pounds. Right now I weigh the most I ever have in my life, and while that isn't obese or anything it's made me feel pretty self-conscious. Ignoring the fact that it's common for one's weight to fluctuate during one's period, and focusing on the fact that I've been eating better and exercising more, this is pretty exciting news.




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