( Nov. 7th, 2010 10:42 am)
It's a good thing there was no reason for me to wake up today. I completely forgot about the time change, which made for a nice hour of reveling, lounging, reading and generally wasting time once my phone reminded me. I can't think of a better way to have started the day!

I've talked quite a bit about NaNo on here, or over at [livejournal.com profile] nano_haven , so I figure it's about time I admit what I'm actually working on. It will probably never be posted here in its current form, for a variety of reasons not the least of which being that it needs quite a bit of editing, but it seems kind of likely that you'll see it eventually. I'm working in the Memory Thief verse, following the separate lives of three different characters.

Malachi, Peter, and Seth... )

Aside from working on NaNo, I'm also kind of doing a ridiculous amount of writing. I'm working variably on fills for [livejournal.com profile] shkinkmeme (which I would totally link you to, if anyone is interested at all; they range from fluff to incredibly horribly dark, and pre-established relationship to settled down), as well as plotting out a short zombie fic (remember Trent and Yuri, anyone?) and poking at Something to Believe In. I also updated my master list, so it is now completely accurate and up to date.

Aside from that, I am studiously ignoring my philosophy paper and refraining from thinking to pointedly about all the research I need to finish for my UW. I'm pretty sure I need 5-8 more sources for my annotated bibliography. D:

Also, my roommate and I actually have plans to hang out. She's obsessed with Masterpiece Theater and has finally figured out what channel it's on here. As it just so happens, Masterpiece has been playing Sherlock for the past two Sundays and the final episode is tonight (how in the hell I missed this, I will never understand). Point being, we're watching together! I so need a Sherlock icon...And I'm also using it as an excuse to re-watch the first two episodes
( Sep. 12th, 2010 11:03 pm)
...kay. So I was opening random unfinished stories today and I hit on one that I think is pretty good and just needs some tweaking and an ending, but I'm not sure it's right. I'm not sure if it will fit smoothly into the Memory Thief Verse canon, and I'm not sure if this is how Theo and Seth's relationship has really been portrayed so far- if I've got the reactions right- and I'm not sure if their relationship can take this. If Theo can take this.

Erm. Basically, I would totally love another opinion. Anyone want to read over it for me?

Erm... also. I just had a nice conversation with my roommate about how I write gay romantic fiction. And she wants to read something. So now I have to find something that won't embarrass the living hell out of me to show to a girl I'll be living with for the next year.

I am equal parts terrified and thrilled.

Edit: I can't figure out what to show her. There's no easy way to introduce her to the genre! Practically everything I've written is dirty, cliche, and/or involves sex toys! >.> Maybe "How to Survive a Family Gathering"? or These Shocking Options? What about one of Weylin's stories?
( Sep. 11th, 2010 10:37 pm)
So, naturally when I posted earlier I forgot to even mention the thing that's been overwhelming my brain for the past- at least day. We'll say the past twenty four hours.

I have tentative plans to expand the Memory Thief verse into this year's NaNoWriMo novel, and as such I've been doing a lot of brainstorming about the world in which it was set. Thinking about things like, when did the powers start showing up? What was the initial reaction of the public/government/church? What kind of prejudices were there, what kind of fear? What kind of institutions were put in place to protect the public and to protect those who were coming into the spotlight as having super powers? Etc. A lot of pondering on the political and social reaction to the slowly increasing population of people who possessed super human abilities.

The current topic of choice is about Subject Zero. Who was the first person with a power that came into the public light? What happened to him? Was he decried as being a hoax? Captured for testing and experimentation? Shunned by society? Loved? 

In thinking about these topics I tried to consider what has influenced me writing about these topics and what sort of literature there already is about something of this nature happening to the world. My goal is not to recreate something that someone else has already explored, but to explore the concept for myself and come up with a complex world that has reacted to and adapted to this new evolution of men.

Yes, I think way too seriously about these things sometimes, but it's been most entertaining and quite an exercise in creative thinking. I'm having a lot of fun and hope that whatever the novel ends up being like this November (if I do choose to participate, given the limits on my time as a first year college student) I will have enjoyed writing it and come out with something I am proud of.
( Aug. 11th, 2010 10:56 am)
Heh. Missed a day. Maybe I'll list twice today, since I've only been up two hours. Anyway, happiness from yesterday!

Again with the nice people being nice. Went in to have a Hep B titer drawn (because the school demands it) and the nurse and I talked about how uncomfortable it is to have blood drawn from the finger (as she did it from my arm). Normally the doctor does it from my finger, which is always terrible because I apparently don't bleed well from there. Bad circulation or something. Anyway, she was lovely and it didn't even hurt. :)

Shewmaker came over to hang out for a little bit. Having not seen her all summer, it was great to catch up. I'm gonna miss Shew once school starts, but for now it was cool to just talk about Doctor Who and Buffy and charlieissocoollike. And school, which is less exciting for her because she's sticking near home. Still. Awesometimes.

When Shew came, she returned to me a comic book that I didn't even remember having, let alone lending to her. It was like getting a present!

I listened to the classic rock radio station, which I don't normally do, as I was waiting for my mother's doctor appointment to end (nothing life-threatening, but she had a migraine). The music made what might have otherwise been a boring hour pretty entertaining. I was badly prepared for the wait- no mp3 player, no notebook, nothing- so having the radio was a blessing.

I found the Supernatural Season 5 gag reel on youtube. Will came over and we watched it, then chatted for an hour about various things. The gag reel was hilarious, as always, and the chatting was nice. A little random, but nice.

The folders on Mohinder are finally organized. I went through and shuffled everything under 'Fiction' into genre related folders, deleted stuff I would never need again, and then copied the lot onto my flash-drive. Not only am I organized, I'm also backed up! Hooray! :D

A good thing came of a bad thing- my evening set aside for writing the other day didn't go precisely as planned, and now the next Terry/Dan story may be a while in coming. I got to that place where I disliked everything I was writing and had to force myself to go on. So I stopped, took a break, did other things for a while. When I came back to it yesterday, I decided I still wasn't in the right headspace, so I pulled out Tango. Working on that was way easier, because I can pull up the original, complete rough draft in one half of the screen and the chapter I'm working on in the other, and then working from there is essentially editing sentences and adding details, etc. It's a lot like writing, but way more like re-writing, which I think has helped me get back into the zone.

( Aug. 3rd, 2010 03:51 pm)
Apparently the cure for an abysmal, period-induced bad mood is about an hour of housework and some K-Pop. What?  SHINee: You can't not smile. I also learned some Italian today (via the audio program I got in preparation for my Basic Italian class this fall, which I'm super nervous about). I can say 'I understand a little Italian.' Which is totally accurate! Unfortunately I can't spell it yet. We'll get there.

I'm still processing/recovering from the London trip. It was a big adventure. I didn't get lost in Cardiff, either! Basically it was a whirlwind tour of site-seeing and getting to know/getting fed up with my family. Gotta love it. :p

In other news, you may recall my excitement about Dan and Terry? It lost some steam. I'm not saying they'll never be seen again, only that right now my enthusiasm is being rather flighty and it just got distracted by something shinier. Like [livejournal.com profile] kinky_fantasy , the comm in which I'm about to sign up for a prompt list on my [livejournal.com profile] conceivingaplot  journal. Er, despite recent postings here, I'm trying to keep [livejournal.com profile] conceivingaplot  the place where I post the more porny/kinky stories (and a bit of slavefic), because organization like that keeps my head clearer.

So, uh, that's that. *toddles off to write*

I probably spend entirely too much time reading things that I've written and never done anything with. I have an inexpert sort of memory when it comes to stuff like this so it's fun to go back and see what I did, what I was thinking, and why I gave up on it. Today's project was NaNo 09, codename Tango (as in Alpha, Bravo, not as in I like to dance the ___). I really enjoyed writing it, but by the time November ended I was ready to save it in a hidden folder and not look at it for several months. Well, it's been several months (eight) and now I have some observations to make.

The first is that I really, really could not have been more influenced by reading Shadow of the Templar.  Enter one suave, charming thief, one older mentor, and one sarcastic FBI agent. On the other hand though, you have said thief (Gavin) leading several different lives, while his family believes he is working at a law firm. Also is the agent's (Thom's) team, who don't really trust him and believe he's gone too far with this undercover thieving stuff. On top of that, is the entire complicated conspiracy that has Thom working with Gavin even after his cover has been blown.
But did I mention I find them hilarious? )

By the end of November the story was at 62,000 words and if my memory is correct, it was only about halfway done. I stopped in the middle of a dramatic thrown down. Several armed mercenaries invaded Gavin's father's fancy dinner party and are holding his sister hostage unless he gives himself up! Gavin has none of his usual gear, save for a single flashbomb sewn into the lining of his tux, and Thom only has a small knife at his ankle. Thom's team (the three of them) are across the street at a hotel and can't get there fast enough! Only Gavin and Thom know who the mercenaries are after. WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?

Really, I can't believe I just stopped there. How cheap is that? I realize the beginning four chapters or so are really lame and slow, but that was no reason to give up on the book entirely. Also sometimes these guys are ridiculously fluffy. It's rather exciting.
So not only did I revamp my collection of icons here on LJ, but I also my shiny new awesome laptop came today!

It's funny because originally I was told it would get here around the 23rd. Then I got an email saying it had shipped yesterday and would arrive this Tuesday. Then around eleven this morning the fed ex guy handed it over. \o/

I've spent a lot of today setting things up and getting used to this fancy-shmancy Windows 7 stuff. I found a background I like and made things fun colors! It's been great all around, but I do have one issue. This laptop does not have a name.

This may not seem like a big issue, but when it's competing with Lily and Brutus (the other household laptops), Felix (my mp3 player), Casey (my mom's mp3 player), Paige (the nook), and Gabby (the gps), my poor dear is a bit left out. I'd like something male, but I'm not sure of criteria other than that. Any suggestions?
Yesterday I finally registered for classes and watched two of the best Supernatural episodes ever. It was a really, really, great day.

Last night, I kept having weird dreams and couldn't get to sleep because I was thinking about where those classes are being held and how I'll ever find those buildings, and holy crap do I have to get up early for Tai Chi twice a week and what about my work study program, oh my god *dies*.

Today I'm doing better. Thinking about this fall still intimidates the hell out of me (I have to get books! and learn another language!) but I'm dealing with that because I am also very excited to be going and wish it would come already so I can get out of this house. So, for those interested, I'm taking: Basic Italian I, Environmental Geology, General Psychology, University Writing (focused on Poetry), and Tai Chi.

I went shopping today and found some shirts that I like, as well as a new skirt. I have a love/hate relationship with clothes shopping what with disliking my body shape and all, but today it went pretty well. Aside from that, I've been working on a story for the Memory Thief Verse. It's taken me forever to sort it out and even now I'm not sure I know where it's going. Complicated threesomes seem to be popular lately. I guess I can say I'm trendy?
( Jul. 5th, 2010 08:30 pm)
Birthday stuff went okay. Apparently my card was really awesome. *shrug* Good times.

In other news I feel like I'm in a horror movie.

Little did the family know that what they had assumed to be an ant infestation was really a cover for a large scale alien invasion.

Yeah. We have ants, but their not the usual ants we get sometimes in the summer. For one they're huge. Secondly, while they're all across the living room floor, some walls, and occasionally the ceiling, they have not even set foot in the kitchen. Not even last night, when we accidentally left rice krispie treats out, or all day today when my mom's birthday cake was waiting to be iced, or even after it was iced.

Essentially, they're just really creepy ants and they're everywhere. Also they collect their dead. >.> Weird.

ALSO! Just to make this one of the most eclectic posts ever I present you with this dilemma:

I'm writing a story with characters A, B, C, and D. The chapters alternate between A and B's pov. However, there is extremely relevant information in C's personal background that I would really like to convey to the reader. While C might tell D about it, he probably wouldn't do so explicitly or in the presence of A or B.

Now, I'm a fan of consistancy, so I feel that doing a chapter from C's pov is both cheating and kind of cheap. If other people probably won't see it that way, I'll do that, regardless of my preference, if only because I can't for the life of me think how to smoothly integrate the information. Thoughts?




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