Called the University Counseling Center and set an appointment for next Tuesday. They did the consulatation over the phone and essentially I just babbled for a couple of minutes while the woman on the other end asked occasional questions to clarify. Now my only question is if I should cancel my upcoming appointment with the other psych, or wait and see if I take to this one before I do so. I'm kind of leaning toward cancelling now.

I also made an appointment with my academic advisor to talk about my major(s)! So that's happening next week as well. I have yoga class tonight (first time, due to various circumstances) so it will be interesting to see how that goes. My first paper is due on Wednesday for my Shakespeare class- I have to pick the sonnet we studied that I would most like to be dedicated to me. It's kind of an interesting assignment. I haven't started yet. >.<

Also, I've had the music from Disney's Hercules stuck in my head alllllll day.
1. As a result of the New Zealand Earthquake an auction to help Christchurch, NZ has been created here: [ profile] help_nz. There is currently a lightening round up and a request post. The official auction will open for offers February 28th, and for bids March 1st (though I don't know precisely why the delay. They have an awesome delicious post for sorting through the current bids and requests though, if anyone is interested in having a look.

2. I have lately become obsessed with listening to The Arctic Monkeys and playing 8 Letters in Search of a Word.While they first will have no effect on my GPA, the second is reason enough to stop bringing my laptop to class. It's rather addictive.

3. My parents are taking the MegaBus up here to visit me as we speak. For the both of them, round trip, the ride cost $4. I'm really excited to see them and we're going to go shopping and go out to eat. They're taking me and a couple of friends out to a steak house on Sunday, so I'm rather excited. Wow, that was unnecessary linkage. Apparently I'm going for the most links ever in this post.

4. A group of students from my dorm and the dorm next door went to see The Social Network at the live-in faculty's apartment last night and have free burritos and a discussion about the film. It was very interesting, but the part that stood out to me the most was that (it was implied that) everyone at Harvard read Mark Zuckerberg's livejournal. Which just struck me as kind of odd.

5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] charisstoma ! Hope your day is full of wonderful things! :D
( Dec. 6th, 2010 01:56 pm)
And now a post that is not a story:

Things have been going surprisingly well. Classes are winding to a close, I've nearly finished my final paper, and I'm feeling rather confident about all of my exams. I've spent a fair amount of time writing (there's another part of a story about the sex candy prince and assassin up over here and a bit of time pursuing other hobbies. On Saturday I spent half an hour making chocolate pretzel m&m things- which could really use new name. 

Yum! They're pretty simple to make and people seem to like them. :) I'm taking some to Catherine Chandler tomorrow and then probably to Scrabble club. On a vaguely related note, it's started getting cold here. No snow as of yet, but it's definitely chilly and windy. Not the kind of weather you really want to spend three hours standing outside in.

So I decided to go play Quidditch... )

I don't have much more to say at the moment, but I hope you're all doing alright. If you're interested in cute boys, a cappella and/or acoustic music, you should check out KurtHugoSchneider. A super impressive chopsticks piano piece is the first video up there. It's awesome. They do a lot of covers and have very, very good voices.
( Oct. 2nd, 2010 09:28 pm)
Ugh. I feel like today has been the biggest waste of a day ever. I slept until 11- I'm normally an early riser (between 7 and 9 on the weekends) and today I learned that those extra three to five hours of being awake really make a difference on how I function.

The reason I slept until 11 is because of what I was doing the night before. There was a Barenaked Ladies concert at 8 (Which was super, super fun) then we went out for crepes (because I hadn't had dinner beforehand. >.< ) and then when we got back, I initiated Kayla into the wonderfulness that is Supernatural. The point of the story is that I got in bed around two, completely exhausted.

So I've basically had one and a half meals today (a can of soup, and a bowl of dry cereal) but that's okay, because I ate a lot yesterday. Cinnamon sugar crepes are my favorite, but I absolutely loved the basil/tomato/mozzarella combo I had as well. Food aside, I guess I was sort of productive. I applied to some more jobs (though I have my fingers crossed they won't matter. I have an interview Monday!) and did a little bit of Italian homework.

Mostly, though, I had one of those days that I swore I wouldn't have once I got to college. The kind where I mostly sat around, at my desk or in bed, read porn on the internet, and didn't eat until I absolutely had to, because finding something to eat was terribly inconvenient. I also read Cosmo Magazine, which I borrowed from Rachel and learned more about het sex than I ever thought I would. Possibly my favorite random fact of the evening came in response to the question "Are humans the only species that engage in prostitution?" Answer: Oddly, no. Female penguins have sex in exchange for pebbles to build nests.

And with that thought, I'll leave you. Night, all!
Erm. You know how sometimes you just need to feel sad, and there's something good that comes of that sadness. Almost as though it's cathartic? I watched a movie tonight- "A Single Man." It's based off of a novel.

Movie rec and book rec... )

And then there was lesbian drama )

My Italian class for tomorrow got canceled, so I just have Tai Chi in the morning. This is good, because I have errands I really need to run, and a paper to revise for Friday. I have definitely skipped dinner two nights in a row now. :/ I eat, I just end up eating a couple of pieces of candy and (like tonight) three cups of popcorn. Gotta work on that...
So... sorry to spam, but sometimes my life is not entirely fiction. On to the happiness!

RENT was a lot of fun. It was an amateur college production, put on to benefit the Hope Center. There were some casting choices that I definitely wouldn't have made, and several of the male leads lacked strong voices- the guy who played Roger seemed to be losing his voice entirely which was unfortunate- but it was still a good show. Maureen's protest scene ( my least favorite part of the movie) was done very, very well. I really enjoyed it. The actress who played Maureen was the most talented member of the cast and she kept the show on its feet.

Heh. Aside from the show itself, the night was amusing because a young guy came in alone and sat down beside Drew. After intermission he struck up a conversation despite how much Drew clearly didn't want to talk to him. So they talked anyway and she lied about where she was from and said she was visiting from Ohio. It was hilarious to see her squirm - I'm mean, but not that mean. I inserted myself into the conversation to save her- but it was also kind of sad, because the guy was at the theater, alone, on a Friday night. I mean, he gets pity points at least. They're kind of canceled out by his creepiness, but still.

While waiting to meet Shew for lunch the other day, two other people in my class walked in. Not my friends precisely, per se, but people I know and am friendly with. Then today, I was at the farmer's market and ran into one of them again. What a crazy random happenstance!

This morning my family went for beignets this morning. They were delicious.

I really like this song/music video. It kind of makes my day a little and gets stuck in my head. There's Joseph Gordon-Levitt and dancing! What more could you ask for?  :)

( Aug. 8th, 2010 11:52 pm)
So guys, my word count total for stories posted in the past week (including things posted on my other journal, as well as the 2500 words of Terry and Dan's latest- and as of yet, unfinished- story) comes out at around 16,500. \o/

Though the week definitely had it's stress, I think all of this writing helped to alleviate some of that stress. Not to mention all the fun I've had, or the fact that if you divide it up, those numbers are well over what I'd need to write each day to complete NaNoWriMo in November, which is just kind of exciting to me.

Also, you know that free sample music that comes on your computer? Mine came with a techno song that is really good background music. Really good like I've been listening to it for the past hour. >.>
( Aug. 3rd, 2010 03:51 pm)
Apparently the cure for an abysmal, period-induced bad mood is about an hour of housework and some K-Pop. What?  SHINee: You can't not smile. I also learned some Italian today (via the audio program I got in preparation for my Basic Italian class this fall, which I'm super nervous about). I can say 'I understand a little Italian.' Which is totally accurate! Unfortunately I can't spell it yet. We'll get there.

I'm still processing/recovering from the London trip. It was a big adventure. I didn't get lost in Cardiff, either! Basically it was a whirlwind tour of site-seeing and getting to know/getting fed up with my family. Gotta love it. :p

In other news, you may recall my excitement about Dan and Terry? It lost some steam. I'm not saying they'll never be seen again, only that right now my enthusiasm is being rather flighty and it just got distracted by something shinier. Like [ profile] kinky_fantasy , the comm in which I'm about to sign up for a prompt list on my [ profile] conceivingaplot  journal. Er, despite recent postings here, I'm trying to keep [ profile] conceivingaplot  the place where I post the more porny/kinky stories (and a bit of slavefic), because organization like that keeps my head clearer.

So, uh, that's that. *toddles off to write*

( Jul. 14th, 2009 08:27 am)
Torchwood: Children of Earth, a five episode mini-series. Here's what I thought.  )

On an entirely different note and side of the emotional scale, the package Shaina sent me has finally arrived! It's brilliant and I've listened to the cds several times now. It's a brilliant collection of music and I've discovered several songs I had never heard before. Also, one cd has her lovely voice recorded on it and that's one of the most spectacular things ever. =D


Riverdance -(*pauses for a moment and puts on correct music*)- I saw this show a couple of weeks ago, and I have to say it was fairly impressive. The costuming, as well as the staging of the dancers and musical accompaniment suited the space they had to work with, and it was nice that the musicians were seen, but not an incessant distraction from the dancers. If I had been in charge, the only thing I'd have changed would have been the large screen on which they projected really shoddy animations. That bright orange perfect circle, which was the "sun" really had no purpose.

The Riverdance Irish Dance Troupe had their part, as well as the Moscow Folk Ballet Company and a couple of solo performers. The choreography and sheer skill of the dancers was very impressive. A couple of specific scenes were very eye-catching, for one the all male Thunderstorm piece, was strong and clean. It was sort of like a round, except it was more I'll lead, you follow, then he'll follow, then we'll all follow, if that makes sense. The other scene I loved concerned a tap off between three native dancers and two city slickers. Each side had accompaniment, fiddle and saxophone respectively, and the speed and complexity of the rhythms tapped out were matched by the instruments, as they grew in speed and intensity. It was also done in humor though, each opponent scoffing good-naturedly at the others' ability, occasionally mocking or mimicking the contrasting styles of tap.

The atmosphere was nice as well. We sat beside an older couple, who were very friendly. They gave me their fancy overpriced programme to look at, which was quite lovely. The company had young women out in the lobby and auditorium selling cds, dvds and programs the entire evening, wandering through the crowds. The one selling on our side of the auditorium was really cute, but she sounded exhausted as she called out what was for sale. When I went to buy from her, she had a very pretty smile, regardless.

So, overall, my impression: definitely worth the time and money.




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