I actually added tags to this post before writing it. Planning like that doesn't usually go into these entries, so be warned that the following may be somewhat heady. I've started using a website called 750 Words, which prompts people to write, well, 750 words every day in an effort to clear the mind and encourage the flow of fresh ideas. Much of the material from this post came from what I wrote over on 750 words, earlier this week.

I propose the subject of female characters, specifically those found- or not- in slash, and the topic of feminization as it may- or may not- occur within the genre.

If that sentence didn't put you off, I'll get to the point. It's an often argued, well discussed topic among fiction and fanfiction writers on the internet, that a surprising number of authors ignore the presence of women in society when faced with the topic of male/male relationships. Or, perhaps on a broader scale, a number of authors simply don't write women if they can avoid it.

Why we don't write women, what the problem is, and how to address it. )

I'll be the first to admit my old habit of killing off mothers and girlfriends. It wasn't because I liked to watch the characters' grief. I just didn't want to write them. I think it's something I'm getting better at, though. Recent developments in the Memory Thief Verse should be evidence to this effect.

I realized I don't have a lot of entries un-friendslocked. So here's what I bring as a gift to make up for that.

Title: Love and Hate
Fandom: Newsies
Rating: PG
Pairing: Sprace
Word Count: 100
Summary: AU There's something that keeps pulling Sean back to Tony, no matter how much either of them try to fight it. Maybe they'll just give in. Angst/break-up drabble
Sean was in a foul mood... )

Title: Denial
Fandom: Newsies
Rating:PG-13 (swearing)
Pairing: Sprace
Word Count: 100
Summary: Drabble. AU Tony leaves; Sean pretends that it doesn't matter. Angst

Tony coughed awkwardly from the doorway... )

( Dec. 10th, 2008 09:38 pm)
 I suck at finishing things, and apparently at writing things too. Forgive me, this is catalogue things week, or something.

So, red binder of doom, contents:
This took a long time. I don't know why I did it. But I did... )

I'm suddenly very unsurprised at the trouble I had in Chemistry last year. Exhibit A: Here we have a page of last year's novel, followed by two pages of Chem notes. A page of doodles, one of song lyrics, two more of a fic and then some math homework follow. Then there are more Chem notes! It alternates two pages of notes for two pages of fic for a while and then the rest of the notebook is blank. Yeah. I took good notes.

So in other words, I've been looking through my old notebooks. So many unfinished fics! Like this one, where Blink and Mush try and set Race up on a blind  date, while Jack tries to get Spot to agree to go on the very same date. It's quite adorable if I do say so myself. I actually like my Jack in this one:

In which Spot swears twice and is generally unenthusiastic about the prospects of a blind date, and also in which Jack is kind of dumb. <3 )

There are quite a few others, perhaps I'll post excerpts when I have time. =)

( Aug. 27th, 2008 08:48 pm)
Drabble: Tony/Sean- Newsies- Sprace-  Rated K+- Summary: Depressing. anorexic!Spot. x.x

As I rise to leave the lunchroom, Tony grabs me. I register dimly that his fingers are wrapped around my wrist, closing in a nearly complete fist. His eyes trace my features critically. I shift self consciously.

"A breeze could snap you in half, Sean," Tony says. "Did you eat before you went running?"

I nod, only to shut him up. I'm lying because I need him not to ask. I wish he didn't care. I'm nothing worth caring about.

"I love you."

I don't reply. Tony kisses my cheek and takes my hand. Together we start down the hallway.




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