( Nov. 24th, 2011 10:43 pm)
Thanksgiving day: spent going to see the Muppet movie with my father, cooking ham and corn casserole in Becca's oven, playing Big Boggle, eating ham, pie, stuffing, casserole, rolls, brownies and more pie. We also watched X-Men First Class and I read an obscene amount of fic because I have all of Mohinder's bookmarks back.

I was feeling down this afternoon, but right now I'm feeling really pumped. Something akin to the last bit of this comic. Have a plan, gonna email some people tonight, set up a meeting with Catherine, make a list of school work I'd like to start tackling tomorrow, planning out a paper and considering the fact that I could probably not drop my class and succeed in life anyway. I want to just to spite that jerkwad advisor.

I'm psyched right now. I'm going to take care of things and get things done. I have three blissful days before I have class again, and it's going to be fine. It's all going to be fine. There are only three weeks of classes left at any rate. I have a lot of ground to cover for anthropology but I am going to succeed. It's going to work out.
( Oct. 23rd, 2011 01:27 pm)
Not to be a Debbie Downer--- but seriously. 

Though I've been getting 8-9 hours of sleep a night, I am still exhausted every day-- must remember to get multivitamins at some point today got multivitamins, maybe my iron is low again?-- and on Friday I had a moment of what my mother says sounds like sleep deprivation. I had plans for going home, doing laundry, eating, and making apple chips. When I got there my roommate was loudly skyping a friend and doing dishes so I just- left.

I went to the plaza in the middle of campus and sat down on a bench in the semi-cold, sort of stunned and unable to think. I was sad and lonely and emotional and unable to process things. I texted a few people to see if I could go hide with anyone and eventually a friend called me, talked me through getting dinner, and then rescued me, taking me to her dorm and then along with her to Midsummer rehearsals. It was just-- weird.

I'm going to try to make an appointment for student health to see if they can give me a sleep aid, because I just can't function well anymore and I desperately need to be able to. I have a paper due tomorrow, an extra shift at the library, and paper-work like things to sort out, including declaring my major and talking to the study abroad people. I still wanna do NaNoWriMo (as I found three other people on campus who are doing it; three people I know and like!) but the state I'm in, I just can't.

Going to see Othello tonight (which should be good, assuming I can make it through awake). Goals for today: write paper, nap, get to play. Wish me luck, guys?

Also, my shoulders are so tense right now, omg. I can hear Grace yelling at me. Speaking of, I need to email her too. Auuuugh.
Augh. Snow, power outages, a lack of warm food, and the loss of my best only water bottle have all joined forces to make today suck. It's actually the trend of the week, to be honest. Sickness, fainting spells, and getting stuck places and missing things. Pf. I would like it to be the weekend.

Good things: 

I've decided to rush Phi Sigma Pi, which is the co-ed academic fraternity on campus. I missed the first rush event yesterday (which was a meet the brothers sort of thing) because of the weather, but tonight we're making valentines for veterans which I think is adorable and wonderful. I'd really like to become a part of this organization. I've been working to change my attitude recently, because I have a rather inhibiting lack of confidence in myself that hinges on the fact that I don't think very much of myself. So I'm working on that, in general, and because without a better sense of self-worth I don't think I'll be invited to join Phi Sigma Pi.

I've been in contact with the three winners who bid on crochet creatures over at the Queensland Flood Auction. This means I have a fair bit of required crocheting in my future, but I'm pretty excited about it.

I'm making decent headway on the things I'm supposed to be writing, by which I mean I have three deadlines I am aware of and have actually been working on things ahead of time.

A friend of mine put me in contact with an organization called Women for Women International, at which she volunteers and occasional works as a temp. I've emailed them to see if I can get involved as well. She said they're looking for summer and spring interns and I'm still looking for a job.

One class next week has been canceled to give us the chance of attending some of the writer conference events. Unfortunately, it's flanked by two classes I really need to attend, but I still really appreciate the gesture.
( Jan. 7th, 2011 09:53 pm)
Man oh man am I ready to get back to school. I have no less than six packages waiting for me (four of books, one new shirt, and one new cd) and it's been more than four weeks since I last checked my mailbox. I've been offered a job interview at the LGBT Resource Center, as well as a full time Executive Board position for Scrabble Club. I miss my friends. Heck- I practically even miss going to class. I'll be glad to get back there this Sunday.

I've been pretty crafty these past couple of days at home (in the midst of utter boredom and total sympathy for my mom's sudden loss of direction).

Pictures and crafts under the cut... )

Aside from that, I've been trying to get into gear writing. I've been kind of unfocused lately. SO as part of my 101 goals in 1001 days I am offering up another PROMPT ME CHALLENGE. I did this previously here to loads of fun and good results, so I'm doing it again and hope to have a prompt me post every month. Please leave a prompt! A request, a challenge, a word, a pairing, a scenario, whatever you see fit and I'll do my best to respond with at least a drabble. Last time my responses got kind of epic length. Maybe it'll happen again! :D



( Dec. 15th, 2010 05:24 pm)
I'm DONE(!!!) with finals! I refrained from posting until now just to be sure I wouldn't jinx/distract myself, and here I am finished with finals and with my first semester!

Things went pretty well. I had three tests and I'm expecting at least a B on everything, but fingers are crossed for something higher. I get to go home Friday!  Though it's possible that I will be locked out of the dorm in 24 hours, which is all kinds of no good, but I will face that when it comes to it. :/

In other news, I'm super psyched. I have a shopping trip planned for tomorrow, and a movie date with a friend, and lots of relaxing and catching up on television in the mean time! :D


Also I just learned how to make my desktop background into a slideshow, which I previously did not know I could do! My background is now rotating between Sherlock, Supernatural, and Merlin quote oriented wallpapers. Hooray!
Well, all, I survived. The holiday went well- I got to see everyone I said I'd see, spent time with family, played board games, won a game of scrabble, saw the latest HP movie in the theaters, and was generally pampered. It was totally worth the stress of the airports and things to go home for a bit. The bad news is, I had to come back. Twenty days, then finals are over and I'm home for winter break. I really cannot wait.

I managed to keep up with my writing (something to be posted tomorrow, I hope) and also got totally spoiled by my mother, who insisted on buying me anything I looked at for too long. Cue clothes and shoes I actually needed, plus books and crafts I actually did not. I got a book on crocheting adorable creatures, plus lots of yarn and crochet needles and my mother's book on how to crochet, because I've never done it before but I will learn, because how can you resist these guys? You can't. Hopefully sometime early next year I'll have the craft down enough that I can make zombies and knights and all sorts of other cute things.

I also restocked my food stores, and got some baking supplies. I'm going to make chocolate pretzel m&m things (and probably share a picture, because that description is a bit confusing). Right now though, I just kind of want to curl up and die and not face finals.

Tomorrow I'm seriously getting down to work. I need to: correct my Italian composition, draft my peer review letter, create my advertisement for psychology, begin to outline the psychology textbook chapters, read over the next chapter of Italian, work on my vocab, read the next philosophy assignment and write out the summary for extra credit. I probably need to review old philosophy readings and begin to revise my UW paper, but that's probably not going to happen tomorrow. I need to find another poetry even to go to as well, before the paper is due. :/ That should be interesting.

In other news, having had a very successful, wonderful break, I now have to work my butt off so that I can enjoy the next one. Isn't that just how life goes? To lift spirits, I stole the following from [livejournal.com profile] alice_montrose . It's a little list your wishes and see who can fill what thing. The directions are under the cut. In any case, I'm wondering what all of your wishes might be? Hope you're all doing well!

Holiday Wish Exchange Thingymabob )


( Oct. 5th, 2010 12:00 am)
So I'm really fed up with Italian right now. I just- augh. I hate doing things I'm bad at, and I'm bad at this. I struggled my way through two years of German with a bad teacher and now I'm slogging through Italian with a semi-decent one, confusing bitte with perche and aber with ma, and a lot of the time trying to figure out how to say what I want in either of the languages that aren't English.

I just get really frustrated with this whole being bad at it. Like, when I can't properly compose a sentence like: There are four people in my family. My mother attends school. She likes to travel.

*headdesk* It's very frustrating that I fancy myself a writer, but when I get out of English I can't even get the freaking basics. :/ I'm kind of upset about this right now.
Man, I've been all kinds of absent lately, but that's what happens when school starts demanding attention. Everything's going pretty well. Aside from the fact that I'm only just now realizing I may be inadvertently outing myself to my family via facebook. I'm friends with my Grandmother, Aunt, and Cousin- plus my Dad keeps talking about joining. So you know, I'm also in AQWA (Queer Women and Allies) and Allied in Pride, and I guess if it ever really was a secret it probably isn't any more.

Maybe no one's noticed. >.>

In other news, I had real life audible connection with the cute guy from my writing class. We were both in the cafeteria around nine, and when I got through the line I sat down near the door so he would see me. The cunning plan worked and he came to sit with me while we ate. It was lovely. It sort of makes me feel as though I've betrayed my lesbian sisters in AQWA. But whatever. Working the bisexuality.

Also, my birthday is on Saturday. I'm kind of thrilled, despite my lack of plans. Rachel asked to take me out to lunch Sunday (she has rehearsal for the One Acts, and is performing in the One Acts Friday and Saturday), but aside from that I'm a bit at a loss. Friday I'm going to see the show, and also watching Supernatural (!!!) assuming I can find a television. The basement one doesn't work, apparently. Saturday is also the National Book Festival, which I plan on attending mid-morning, early afternoon. Nothing else planned for the day of. I got two packages from my parents though! Mail, a new tea mug, chewy sweettarts, some git cards and coupons, a birthday button. Also got a card from my grandparents, which had a check in it, for way more than I could ever ask anyone for. Maybe I'll treat myself to something. OMG I COULD BY SHADOW OF THE TEMPLAR. Erm. Anyway... Ordered. The check hasn't even been deposited and I'm spending money (I know I have enough to cover it, but still). :D

I'm really pretty exhausted- and it's only ten. not a good sign- so I'm going to wrap this up. Wanted to let you all know you haven't been abandoned, even if I'm a little slow/absent on the commenting front. I've also been writing, but that's been kind of sporadic. Working on two separate stories at the moment that both originally spawned off of [livejournal.com profile] kinky_fantasy  prompts, but kind of got minds of their own. No telling when anything will be finished.

( Sep. 11th, 2010 08:57 pm)
So, lest you all think that my focus has been entirely on writing for the past several days (I still have one unfilled prompt on the Drabble Fest post, but I'm getting to it!), I thought I'd take a moment to recap the other things I've been up to. Like class.

The philosophy class I switched into after switching out of geology is really, very interesting. It's about the only class I have that I'm taking with other people I know from around the house or through my roommate, so it's unique in that sense and it's also unique in that I really enjoy the assigned readings and find the discussion that they promote to be absolutely fascinating. It is a little intimidating, because every spare comment you choose to offer gets picked apart by the professor, who prompts you to elaborate on every little thing. He's not mean about it, he's just provoking more discussion and making you think, but it's stopped me from speaking up more than once.

Dave Vera (a local poet and Walt Whitman enthusiast) came to speak to my writing class on Friday. That also was fascinating to me. He knew like, everything about the man and really brought his poetry into perspective. So that was pretty awesome.

I was sick earlier this week, but I've mostly recovered. I don't think any of my schoolwork really took a hit, which is good. A lot of people have been sick lately, but then again there's been a lot of partying going on around campus, so I'm sure that doesn't really help those people. As for myself, I've enjoyed a few quiet nights in of reading/writing/tv watching and feel much better. I borrowed Sin City from the library to watch tomorrow.

Today was the Freshman Day of Service and, overall, I found the experience to be disappointing. My group was assigned to go to team up with a society dedicated to cleaning the rivers. We drove 45 minutes away, waited around for a while, then were ferried down the river and dropped off to pick up trash for an hour. Then we drove back. Seriously? I feel like we could have done a lot more for the local community, not just by going to a different service site, but for- I don't know- working the whole day? The plus was that I got a free water bottle (just lost mine yesterday) and Jeff Corwin (the guy from Animal Planet) talked to us for 15 minutes at the opening ceremony. I have to say, though, he wasn't very compelling. A lot of talk about frogs, incredible repetition of the phrase "the power of one" and one side story about his cameraman telling him he (Jeff) couldn't outrun that cheetah and Jeff responding "No, but I can outrun you." That was pretty amusing, at least.

Tomorrow I plan on going to the grocery store (out of milk, but not out of cereal) and doing homework. Good times!
Wow. It's been a couple of crazy weeks lately and finally I have a bit of a chance to slow down and unwind. At least, that is, until tomorrow, when I begin helping with Vacation Bible School. That should be an interesting ride. My mother and I have been signed up for snack duty for the next week, providing food for 150 kids and 100 volunteers. We were given a menu and will be provided the supplies, but I'm still kind of intimidated by the prospects. Fingers crossed I survive the starving munchkins, eh? (Which should be even more interesting, as I am definitely anti-kid- the annoying buggers.)

The end of school was great and loads of fun. I got gifts from relatives and won prizes from the school's lock-in celebration. One of those prizes was a tent. They handed it to me and I was rather baffled. A tent? (backpack tent, fits 2-3 adults) It wasn't like it was a cheapo bad gift, but I'm essentially allergic to the outside and have little use for it. Luckily one of my close friends is a camping/backpacking enthusiast. I was happy to give it to her- she was so thrilled when she saw what I had gotten.

Aside from that, a large portion of my extended family stayed Thursday and Friday. I got to plan some more with Jake about our (and my parents, and grandparents') trip to London this coming fall. I'm pretty psyched about it because despite being cousins, we've never had the chance to really get to know one another, for more than a couple hours ever few months. So. I'm going to London (for the third time in my life). Anything you all think I should see?
( May. 8th, 2010 10:55 am)
Today I am starting the third re-write of the next part of Nature of the Bond. >.< It's been going well, can you tell? I hope to have the story completed within the week, and I have a lovely bonus one-shot to post once it's been finished.

Meanwhile, I've finally completed the final hurdle before graduation. Everything is lined up for next year, I just have classes to register for. I'm extremely excited about this! Oh, but I'm not so extremely excited about the room revamp that has to happen before then. My room is finally going to be painted a quasi normal color and the (disgusting) carpet is going to be cleaned, but first I have to essentially move out. Pack up all the stuff I'll want for next year, the stuff I might want, the stuff I'll need eventually, and then throw the rest of it out. Talk about spring cleaning!
( Jan. 25th, 2010 05:48 pm)
I really need to work on this whole 'getting waylaid every time I try to do something' thing that's going on. I am normally a semi-focused and controlled person. Today I can't remember what I'm doing. Writing a book report? Posting on LJ? Looking up Panic merchandise? Reading an interview? Listening to New Perspective play in another tab open to youtube? Considering going to the bank?

Oh wait. Writing a book report.

But first I wanted to post about how EPIC it is that I am writing songs in my head for this fictional band in the Memory Verse to play. The lyrics are questionable, in terms of quality, but  the sound rocks (too bad that's the part I can't convey to you all). So... The Beginnings of an Impromptu Conspiracy (as it is saved) is now nearing 5000 words. >.> Longer than I expected, but I'm pleased. I actually wrote female characters that I don't automatically hate! Adrian's older sisters are kind of mean to him, but it's all for his own good. Promise. ;)

Now... off to write that report.
( Jan. 7th, 2010 09:32 pm)
This is another bit of the Memory Thief verse. It's not romance as much as exploration of the justice system and the state of the city at this point, but I believe it does show an important aspect of Theo and Aether-Seth's relationship. Also, it provides a bit of background for the next story I hope to have out soon. I figured I had better finish this, which had been on the books for a couple of weeks, before finishing up the first chapter of the awesome-and-yet-to-be-named Shaina Skating Story, though I hope to have that done before the beginning of next week. I believe having a snow day tomorrow will help, though having extraordinary amounts of schoolwork will not. In any case, presenting:

Title: Motive
Fandom: Original: Memory Thief Verse
Rating: PG
Warnings: slight violence
Word count: ~1180
Summary: Theo testifies in court, but finds he does not know everything about the people he is sending to jail. Aether shows him something new.

Today Theo walks into court with his head held high. )
( Sep. 9th, 2009 08:16 pm)
I wrote a list of things I need to get done over the next week or two. It was a pretty impressive list and I was going to get started on it, but then I realized that my shoulders and upper body were covered in little red dots and I had hives up both forearms. Thank you allergy shots.


I took a nap and some benadryl instead.

Needless to say I haven't had much time to myself for writing or reading, etc. Over Labor Day weekend my family headed up to Ohio to visit the relatives on my Dad's side. This weekend there is an away football game, the ACT (again.), and then a youth retreat. Busy, busy, busy. GSA is starting up this Friday- though according to rumor they had a meeting without the band kids on Tuesday. And Doctor Who club (aka Gallifreyan Society) will meet Friday morning. Woot! I made pretty posters to advertise. Daleks are harder to draw than you might imagine.

Still meticulously half-planning a novel in the back of my head, and whenever I have a spare moment I'm working on my space pirates story. Because honestly, what could be better than space pirates?
( Jul. 23rd, 2009 03:55 pm)
Well, I've shaped up my reading list, completing or giving up on all the books I was working on. Then I went out and bought Wish You Were Here: the Official Douglas Adams Biography by Nick Webb because I found it at Big Lots, and added it to the stack of "books I have read that I liked and might conceivably want to read again in the future", because obviously I couldn't find anything else expensive or space consuming to collect. >.<

On top of that, I updated the list of things I've read, where I'm tallying the pages and comparing them to what I accomplished last year. Last year I read 12663 pages. Right now, over halfway through the year- I'm at 3657. Not so impressive, unless I count all the things I've found online, and read via the interweb before I realized they were also available in print. Those weren't in my original tally! Which means, Shadow of the Templar (the entire series- which is on my list of things I want, but will never ask my parents for and will probably buy my fresh. year of college) gets tacked on, as well as The God Eaters by Jesse Hajicek, which I read all of between yesterday afternoon and this morning. It was a brilliant mix of fantasy, adventure and western (gay) romance; my heart is still pounding. All of you should go read and/or buy it now.

So, that brings my total up to a slightly more respectable 5610. It's amazing how I can read the equivalent of 450 pages of fiction online in less than 24 hours, but still haven't managed to start my summer reading, which is shorter than that by far.
What I've been up to, as well as a bit of poetry, loneliness and some google.docs hating... )

On an entirely different note- because hey, if I'm going to make a long post, I might as well make it worth it- I am beating myself over the head in an attempt to convince my muses that NaNo is an entirely unthinkable obligation to make this year. What with college apps, AP classes, my creative writing class, youth council obligations, club duties and marching band stuff, I seriously do not have time for it this year. But on the off-chance that I make time, I have a brilliant plot involving adventure, thievery, corruption, and possibly romance and the most endearing characters/muses ever. Also I have basically the whole plot, just waiting to be committed to an outline.

Can anyone else see that this will not be a good thing, whichever way it goes?

( Mar. 30th, 2009 10:26 pm)
I just wrote a 3.25 page english essay that I'd been putting off for the better part of the last week, as well as a 2 page history essay, so I'm going to be indulgent here and post a poem that I wrote for Creative Writing a long time ago. I got feedback that was hard to interpret (after reading it to a room of teens who had been listening to their peers all period, I was asked several questions about the title, which was supposed to be a throw away line. *facepalm* My bad.)

So, this poem makes me fidgity, because I think it looks more like prose. Take that as you will. Originally titled "This Shower is Fed by a River in Egypt", currently just referred to as "This Shower".

This Shower

Stepping under the spray of icy water he shudders
against the pressure on his purpled chest, and the
torture of this glass stall. He forgoes body wash,
willing the water alone to rid his body of sweat and sin.

It does not.

Flushed skin and uneven breaths; his thoughts
are desperate, for he knows he has been marked,
permanently, and unlike a Sharpie the evidence
will not fade after repeated scrubbing.

He has been tainted and can’t come clean.

It’s a secret though, because no one needs to know
that each of his thoughts pushes him nearer to the
fires of hell. Thoughts about attraction and bodies
that are the wrong shape, with not enough curves.

He needs this problem to disappear.

So he resolves to make that happen. This shower is
futile; instead of cleansing himself, he can only hide
and deny this condemnable love. Surely doing so
will save him from the fate of the eternally damned.

I'm suddenly very unsurprised at the trouble I had in Chemistry last year. Exhibit A: Here we have a page of last year's novel, followed by two pages of Chem notes. A page of doodles, one of song lyrics, two more of a fic and then some math homework follow. Then there are more Chem notes! It alternates two pages of notes for two pages of fic for a while and then the rest of the notebook is blank. Yeah. I took good notes.

So in other words, I've been looking through my old notebooks. So many unfinished fics! Like this one, where Blink and Mush try and set Race up on a blind  date, while Jack tries to get Spot to agree to go on the very same date. It's quite adorable if I do say so myself. I actually like my Jack in this one:

In which Spot swears twice and is generally unenthusiastic about the prospects of a blind date, and also in which Jack is kind of dumb. <3 )

There are quite a few others, perhaps I'll post excerpts when I have time. =)


And I finally go work on that English Assignment...




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