( Sep. 8th, 2011 04:01 pm)
Despite my being overwhelmed four days ago, I'm feeling pretty good about how things are progressing. I had three classes today, and have two tomorrow (the week slows down as it ends. Tomorrow is a BioAnth lab and Irish lit). Tonight is the first film for the new Disney Movie club, which was created by some of my friends and we're watching Lion King. I'm rather excited for that.

Also, thanks (I like to think) to my efforts advertising at the Student Org fair, on Tuesday at Scrabble club we had SIX boards going. Six! That's four or five more than we usually have on the average Tuesday night! I'm thrilled! I hope the turnout is similar for Quidditch on Saturday.

In the meantime I'm experiencing some anxiety about my appointment with a therapist tomorrow. She seems nice-- as far as I can tell from our brief email exchanges and her website-- but I just. You know. Meeting new people, going new places, confronting my fears, my anxiety and the parts about my mind I don't like and am not sure I can change? It's scary. I'm scared. I'm also annoyed that I'm scared- that I get so nervous about an experience like this, which I signed up for, which I could stop at any time. It's that vulnerability of saying that I'm going and the shame (?) that comes with announcing I have issues that I need help working out. Maybe it's not shame. Maybe I'm just afraid that seeing her will actually make my issues seem more real. Because I've been dealing all my life under the pretense that I was fine and now-- I'm nervous about going to someone whose job it is to tell me that I'm not, really. Even if they also tell me how I can improve myself.

So-- cue conflicted feelings and nervousness. It's just a consultation (idk what the difference between that and a session is, but we'll see, I guess) and I will most definitely be posting more about it later on.
( Sep. 4th, 2011 08:08 pm)
First week of classes has concluded. It was generally a success, though I think I may have alienated my Shakespeare professor by saying the sonnet was not my favorite form. Luckily yesterday I went to see a free performance of Julius Caesar by one of the best Shakespeare companies in the US. They do one free show a year-- usually tickets cost up to $50-- and I'm incredibly lucky that one of my friends turned me on to the opportunity to see a show for free. We had to wait in line for a couple of hours beforehand, but it was definitely worth it. Second row seats!

Right now I'm feeling a little overwhelmed. I don't know if it's because I'm trying to do too much, I haven't adjusted, or I'm thinking too much (that happens around this time of the month). I'm searching for a job and have a couple of leads and things to do to follow up. I attended church this morning with a friend of mine and intend to join their choir (they meet Sunday mornings and give scholarships to students-- $40 every time you come sing!). Qudditch has got a load of new recruits and will be meeting next Saturday-- I'm officially the vice president of the Qudditch E-Board. Scrabble Club is happening. I tabled at the student org fair and we doubled the size of our listserve. I'm having lunch with Catherine on Tuesday as well as meeting with an old professor of mine. My consultation with the therapist is onFriday and my friends and I are attending a showing of Farenheit 451 on Saturday.

It's just-- a lot. Such a big difference from being at home and not doing anything for most of the day.I haven't written anything in ages, and haven't had much time to read (though I recently started Ender's Game, DeathNote, and The Unusul Life of Tristan Smith-- progress is slow). My head hurts and I'm dealing with a bit of a cold/sinus pressure. Generally all the things I listed above are good, I just-- there's a lot going on. I guess it'll take some adjustment.

I have nothing at all scheduled for tomorrow at all, so I can catch up on homework and sleep. I took an unintentionally long (2.5 hours!) nap this evening and am feeling kinda groggy. I'm sure tomorrow will be better.
( Jan. 7th, 2011 09:53 pm)
Man oh man am I ready to get back to school. I have no less than six packages waiting for me (four of books, one new shirt, and one new cd) and it's been more than four weeks since I last checked my mailbox. I've been offered a job interview at the LGBT Resource Center, as well as a full time Executive Board position for Scrabble Club. I miss my friends. Heck- I practically even miss going to class. I'll be glad to get back there this Sunday.

I've been pretty crafty these past couple of days at home (in the midst of utter boredom and total sympathy for my mom's sudden loss of direction).

Pictures and crafts under the cut... )

Aside from that, I've been trying to get into gear writing. I've been kind of unfocused lately. SO as part of my 101 goals in 1001 days I am offering up another PROMPT ME CHALLENGE. I did this previously here to loads of fun and good results, so I'm doing it again and hope to have a prompt me post every month. Please leave a prompt! A request, a challenge, a word, a pairing, a scenario, whatever you see fit and I'll do my best to respond with at least a drabble. Last time my responses got kind of epic length. Maybe it'll happen again! :D

So, my family's had some troubles recently. My dad went up to Pennsylvania to interview for a job that he really wanted. He bought a new tie and everything. They never got back to him, at all, which is odd because it's a rather high level professional job and they could at least send something, right? On top of this, my mom needs to have elbow surgery again, which means she has to put off her last semester of school (she's training to become a nurse) until this summer. She already had to do this to have the first surgery and she made a bunch of friends with this new group, who are sad to see her go. I just- I dunno. There's nothing, really, that I can do but I hate to see them both bummed out about this stuff, which is in no way under their control.

When I picked mom up from school today, after she found out she'd have to drop, I took her out to lunch somewhere we don't usually go and then played chauffeur for an afternoon of shopping. Played Scrabble with my dad- my best game ever, actually, it was fabulous. I used up all my letters once and managed to beat him! Yay bonding! I took a picture of the board, because it was a pretty impressive game.

Yay scrabble picture! )

Aside from emergency parental bonding, I've been up to a bit of crafting and a bit of writing. I'm working on Experience Required (that one with the mechanic on the living spaceship?) from a long time back. Sudden inspiration, let's just say. And I'm considering a dozen nine six [livejournal.com profile] shkinkmeme fills. Hoping to be social with my friends tomorrow and maybe do all the things from my list today I didn't get done. D: Cleaning. There may be crafty pictures tomorrow too, fingers crossed!
( Sep. 15th, 2010 10:53 pm)
I don't think I've ever been this busy. It feels so fantastic, because I'm figuring out how to use all of my time wisely and am able to enjoy extra-curriculars without pulling study sessions at the library from eight at night to two in the morning, like my roommate is. I wonder how much of it is efficiency differences and how much of it is the differences in our schedules/work loads. These past couple of days I swear, we haven't spent more than ten minutes in the room together while both parties were awake. Crazy.

The past several days, catching up on life. )




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