( Aug. 18th, 2010 10:43 pm)
I'm writing this as I munch on frozen grapes. They are positively the best snack ever and don't even make me feel guilty! Mark that down as happy thing #1.

The two day trip to see my grandmother (mom's mom) was less excruciating than it could have been. It was still pretty bad, because about after an hour I've had enough of sitting and talking about relatives I don't know and how I've been since the last time we visited. My grandmother is getting old, has pancreatic cancer (which makes me sound like an unsympathetic little twit, but I do care, I promise!) and lives with one of her daughters, who is crazy and takes too much sleep medication. The visits are about as exciting as the six hour there, six hour back drive. But family is important, I get it, I went. I even played nice with my cousin's son, who is three. Look at me, pretending to be a kid person.

On the way back, we visited my other grandparents, in order to pick up the blanket Grandma Sarah was knitting for me. It is purple, lovely and soft, and I'm thrilled to have it and amazed that she was able to knit something so large. It kind of blows my mind.

I am halfway through catching Will up on Firefly and am reasonably confident we shall be able to finish the season before I leave this coming Tuesday.

On the subject of leaving, all of the crates I ordered for my dorm finally arrived in the mail. It's rather exciting. All I have left to do is pack clothes and toilettries, and then clean up my room so that it's fit for habitation while I'm gone. Easy-peasy. (I hope.)

I am 3600 words through the Terry-brings-Dan-home story (whose inspiration can mostly be blamed on credited to [livejournal.com profile] theskimblishone ) and I'm fairly confident that I'll finish it in the next few days, which puts at least two more stories out before I'm gone and is nice because I think my free time is about to close right up to near non-existent (unlike these days, where I lazing about, watching television, and shopping are the only things stopping me from writing all day). Even so, I'm extremely excited for the upcoming school year and think it will be fabulous.
( Aug. 3rd, 2010 03:51 pm)
Apparently the cure for an abysmal, period-induced bad mood is about an hour of housework and some K-Pop. What?  SHINee: You can't not smile. I also learned some Italian today (via the audio program I got in preparation for my Basic Italian class this fall, which I'm super nervous about). I can say 'I understand a little Italian.' Which is totally accurate! Unfortunately I can't spell it yet. We'll get there.

I'm still processing/recovering from the London trip. It was a big adventure. I didn't get lost in Cardiff, either! Basically it was a whirlwind tour of site-seeing and getting to know/getting fed up with my family. Gotta love it. :p

In other news, you may recall my excitement about Dan and Terry? It lost some steam. I'm not saying they'll never be seen again, only that right now my enthusiasm is being rather flighty and it just got distracted by something shinier. Like [livejournal.com profile] kinky_fantasy , the comm in which I'm about to sign up for a prompt list on my [livejournal.com profile] conceivingaplot  journal. Er, despite recent postings here, I'm trying to keep [livejournal.com profile] conceivingaplot  the place where I post the more porny/kinky stories (and a bit of slavefic), because organization like that keeps my head clearer.

So, uh, that's that. *toddles off to write*

( Jul. 25th, 2010 05:51 pm)
I missed some things, and of course there's more. Here's to a good trip:

The pigeon wandering about the car of the train opposite us. He seemed very happy to be doing so.

Buying John Barrowman's I Am What I Am, even though I never had a physical copy of Anything Goes and never finished listening to the audio copy Shew gave me. (I'm far too much of a visual person for that, apparently.) So far the book has been fabulous.

Tea at Claridges- very fancy, very proper, very delicious. I think I've been spoiled for scones now.

Seeing STOMP in a very small theater with my family. Loud, hilarious, fun.

Being encouraged to spend money. Being a little mocked a bit for not doing so. Finally giving in and buying a hat and a pocket watch I wanted. :)

So that's caught up. Currently my cousin is watching the movie 300 and I'm sitting in the same room not watching it and being a little baffled. There's nothing about this movie that even leans toward being appealing to me. At all. :p

Highlights so far:

My cousin nearly walking straight out in front of a speeding cab (which is equal parts hilarious and terrifying).

My mother's tube ticket failing to work and the employee cracking up at her pitiful expression. He laughed for a very long time, quite loudly. She didn't know whether or not to be insulted. In the end though, he let her through and gave us directions. Good times.

The Comedy of Errors at the Globe. We were groundlings, and the experience was fabulous, not to mention how hilarious the show was. I would definitely recommend it to anyone in town.

Seeing the Parthenon at the British Museum. I saw it last time I came, but the sheer size and magnificence still astounds me.

Likewise, the statues at the Victoria and Albert Museum. It is positively amazing the detail and motion that sculptors were able to bring forth from a single block of marble. I took lots of pictures, perhaps I'll post them later.

Aside from that, the flat we're staying in has been wonderful. Being with the family is generally good, although at times trying. The weather has been fantastic. I'm very tired, almost all the time, which isn't very relaxing, but I guess that's the price I pay for seeing so many interesting sights. I'm so very glad that I've had this much fun, with a week yet to go.
( Jul. 16th, 2010 07:45 pm)
I finished the important things on my list and even made a new list, half of which I managed to get done. I named my laptop Mohinder and decided that Mo and I are going to write a great novel. For sure we'll edit a few lj worthy stories, but we're also going to write a novel that I'm proud of all the way, the first time through. Everybody's life needs meaning, right? Well now Mohinder's does as well.

Aside from trip preparations- and getting up earlier everyday to adjust for the upcoming time change- I did a bit of shopping and bought my own copies of Good Omens and American Gods. I find it to be one of the permanently unfair truths of the world that a person can put hours upon hours upon days upon years into producing a piece of truly riveting and fantastic literature only to have it sell for $7.50 a pop. In fact, it's a little bit horrible. Regardless, I bought those as well as Shadow's Return of the Nightrunner series, which I read all of today. I really enjoyed it, despite some of the reviews I've seen from other fans. It was both enlightening, horrifying, and enjoyable. Getting up at five o'clock in the morning when you have nothing pressing to attend to is both disorienting and boring. Nothing opens until nine or ten, so you can't go shopping and it's still dark outside. Fortunately at least, it gave me time to read.

Work on Tango is going pretty well. Instead of rewriting the first four chapters I've just cut them out. A bit of reorganization and a little twisting to accommodate the change leaves the story better. It's really rather exciting. I'll post the first chapter sometime in the next month or so- I plan not to do any writing while I'm in London, at least of the fictional sort, because I think focusing on that will detract from this awesome opportunity I have to see a wonderful city and spend time with my family.

On that note, July 30th I'll be running around Cardiff, unguided and entirely on my own. This realization both intimidates and excites me. I'm terrified I'll get lost. >.< In any case, I'll probably be scarce around lj until the first week of August. The plane leaves tomorrow around two. (And yes, now I am properly psyched for this trip!)
( Jul. 13th, 2010 05:27 pm)
It is at this point during the summer, in the middle of my two week stretch of inactivity (by which I mean, no traveling or volunteering), that I am reminded how much my life benefits from a bit of structure. I perform pretty well in a structured environment, where I have to get out and do things, where I am being held accountable, etc.

Weeks like this, not so much. It's so much easier to procrastinate when there's no real, impending deadline. I have a whole raft of things I could be doing: 
  • Emailing my roommate a list of things we should be able to share (television, printer, curtains, etc)
  • Checking to see if Alex is in town so that I can make him the cookies he bought at the auction
  • Ostensibly, cleaning out all my stuff and seeing what I want to take with me this fall
  • Packing/planning on what to pack for London
  • Going over the touristy information on Cardiff my mother sent me
  • Likewise, going over the trip itinerary she sent me
  • Pulling together my outfit for the steampunk event in London
  • Writing the next chapter of what I'm writing on [livejournal.com profile] conceivingaplot because that whole posting when I'm a chapter and a half ahead in writing totally fell apart.
Instead I find myself going through ridiculous lengths to procrastinate. I'm having thought processes that go something like: "Oh, I reread the first two SoT novels a while back, why don't I just finish the series, again," and "Hm, I wonder if the library cares if I put the cds I check out onto my computer. I don't think I really care one way or another," which of course ends up with me wasting a bunch of time. Staying up too late and spending too much time online, as well. Not to mention the crazy plan of catching up with an entire season of Supernatural in two weeks (which is turning into forcing ten episodes in four days and I think I can say with confidence we're not going to make it. No offense Will. It's not for lack of trying).

Also I'm crushingly not really excited for London. Maybe it hasn't sunken in yet that we're going? I mean, it's something that's pretty exciting, I just don't have butterflies yet. :/
( Jun. 26th, 2010 10:21 pm)
I slept until 2.30 this afternoon. This is what jet lag looks like guys. It's an exhaustive way to live.

Regardless of that, I am super happy to be home. The trip was eighteen thousand kinds of awesome, including, but not limited to: meeting up with Rae-la, riding in a double-decked tour bus, and raising over $700 for a men's homeless shelter through offering and auction alone! More on that last note: we auctioned off massages, friendship bracelets, and baked goods to the choir and chaperons to get that much money. It's more than we've ever made before and I just find the sheer thought of it mind blowingly fantastic.

In summary, the trip was good. We sang, we sight-saw, we gave to others. Also on the plane ride back I hand wrote about six pages of a story, which was quite a relief as I hadn't written anything all week. We have three more concerts tomorrow at the church, and then I'm off to orientation on Tuesday! My life right now is exhausting. But oh so wonderful!
( Jun. 19th, 2010 05:09 am)
Guys? I'm going to Seattle. \o/ Gonna see Raela and sing.

Also it's five o'clock in the morning. I haven't been up this early in a long time. The bus to the airport leaves in an hour and it is such a good thing I'm not driving. I do so poorly on anything less than about 8-9 hours of sleep, so five and a half is kind of killing me. But I'm so excited it's totally worth it.

I won't be on the interwebs until next Saturday, but I love you all!
Wow. It's been a couple of crazy weeks lately and finally I have a bit of a chance to slow down and unwind. At least, that is, until tomorrow, when I begin helping with Vacation Bible School. That should be an interesting ride. My mother and I have been signed up for snack duty for the next week, providing food for 150 kids and 100 volunteers. We were given a menu and will be provided the supplies, but I'm still kind of intimidated by the prospects. Fingers crossed I survive the starving munchkins, eh? (Which should be even more interesting, as I am definitely anti-kid- the annoying buggers.)

The end of school was great and loads of fun. I got gifts from relatives and won prizes from the school's lock-in celebration. One of those prizes was a tent. They handed it to me and I was rather baffled. A tent? (backpack tent, fits 2-3 adults) It wasn't like it was a cheapo bad gift, but I'm essentially allergic to the outside and have little use for it. Luckily one of my close friends is a camping/backpacking enthusiast. I was happy to give it to her- she was so thrilled when she saw what I had gotten.

Aside from that, a large portion of my extended family stayed Thursday and Friday. I got to plan some more with Jake about our (and my parents, and grandparents') trip to London this coming fall. I'm pretty psyched about it because despite being cousins, we've never had the chance to really get to know one another, for more than a couple hours ever few months. So. I'm going to London (for the third time in my life). Anything you all think I should see?
Upon my return I should like to say a few things: Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak! Thank you.

Really now, I think I shall keep things short, because I have just done three laps around the house looking for my backpack- which was still in the car- and am suffering from the time-change battling the stress of travel. Frankly, I am exhausted.

This is not to say my journey was not worth it; it was, most sincerely. The joys never cease when visiting dearest Shaina. We went ice skating and skiing, played board games from Life, to Sorry, to Apples to Apples, watched old movies- Tremors, Newsies, and Mean Girls, partied, and ate bunches of spectacular food. I have been severely spoiled, and now I have to go back to cooking for myself.

The last day, today, sucked for the most part, in that it was full of stressful travel, running on too little sleep, and too little to eat because my stomach was thrown out by congestion. But I'm home, and normal activities are set to resume bright and early tomorrow as school begins. Hopefully normal writing will resume as well. For those of you following the Memory Thief verse, I have 1.5 stories which should be on their way, pending an overload of schoolwork. For those of you interested, Shaina and I are planning to beast a Newsies fic together. It'll be awesome; you have no idea.

Also: I did watch The End of Time, and I have one thing to say on that subject: a very small spoiler that doesn't mean much out of context. )
( Dec. 29th, 2009 07:15 pm)






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