( Nov. 6th, 2011 09:11 am)
Swing: fairly down. I said I'd feel worse about this in the morning and hey, I definitely do.

Mohinder is out for the count.

I was watching Supernatural while cooking some baby carrots and managed to pour some of the sauce into his mouse buttons. Of course, I told the woman from Dell earlier this summer that if my computer broke again I would just buy a new one.


And of course this is the month I'm trying to write a novel and the week I have two essays due and a powerpoint presentation to create.

Well. The carrots turned out really yummy at least. :/
Dear roommate:

I do not care if they are your mother, your boyfriend, your best friend or a girl from your sorority, there is no reason a person I do not know should be sleeping in our room without my having been warned, and even more so for two nights in a row.

On top of that, if you are going to come in and 2:45am, keep it down. I was trying to catch up on sleep. Also, this means that just because you need to get up at 8am and only just got back, it is unacceptable to set an alarm for 7am, 7:45, 7:50, 7:55, and 8:00. Some of us want to sleep until nine.

Some of us also, at this point in time, have an urge to smother you.

No love,
Abstract Whisk
The bad news is as follows: since Saturday my head has felt progressively worse. I went to the doctor on Monday, who laughed at me and said "Well yeah, it hurts. You hit it." (which was about eight thousand kinds of unhelpful). Regular pain killers have had no effect on the pain and I've been having trouble concentrating. Last night it got so bad that I finally decided (with much cajoling from my mother/Morgan/Becca) that I ought to go to the emergency room just to be sure there wasn't something serious going on.

Cue spending the next five hours in the emergency room waiting, waiting, waiting, getting some stronger drugs and another ct-scan done.The scan came up clear which, on the one hand, is good because it means I don't have bleeding in the brain or any acute trauma. On the other hand it means they don't know why it hurts so badly and the knock to my head could have pushed up the level of my migraine pain for the future.

So I got a prescription for stronger meds (which I haven't dropped off yet, but need to) and a referral to a local neurologist. I skipped three classes this morning (didn't get home from the er until past two am) and emailed those professors. They were all really understanding and now I don't have to stress about my Shakespeare paper (the first draft of which was due today). The professor said I could email it to her on Friday if I was feeling up to it. So that's something good, at least.

In the mean time it just hurts so badly. I'm having a hard time focusing on anything/being productive at all. I slept in until almost noon today and I know I have work I ought to catch up on, but I don't think I have the brainpower. I'm trying to relax though. I know stressing about it will only make things worse.

*hugs everyone*
( Oct. 1st, 2011 05:02 pm)
Following yesterday's bad news several things happened.

I lost the very cute semi-claddagh style ring my mother bought for me. I lost the cable to charge my e-reader. I discovered I have about 250 pages of reading to do for next week. I discovered that my Sociocultural Anthropology textbook was $30 for a reason-- that reason being that it's missing a bunch of pages due to what looks like a printing/binding error.

My plans for grocery shopping with Morgan were put on hold because he was sick this morning. It's raining. It's cold. I haven't been sleeping well.

While I was getting out bowls for lunch I managed to nail myself in the temple with the edge of the cabinet door and have been dizzy/in pain for the past five or so hours. I got worried enough to call my mother the Officially Registered nurse and she said I was probably okay, but need someone to keep an eye on me for a bit and that I should put ice on it. All of my ice cubes are fish or flower shaped and do not make for good packages to put on one's head. I am so very tired.

Did I mention my head hurts? At least during this instance I know why.
We're not going to the quidditch world cup.

The school is not paying for our transport and board as previously thought and we don't have $3000.

They gave us $50.

Bake sale profit will be going to recoup the $200 non-refundable registration fee.

Fuck, guys. D:
( Dec. 8th, 2010 07:35 pm)

/whine )

I baked for AQWA tonight at the really short notice request of the president and I don't want to go fuckshitdamn and the cookies turned out okay. I didn't have colored sugar, which was disappointing, and I'm running out of flour, but I think everyone will be pleased with them and if not fuck them.

Catherine was great, as usual. More when I have something nice to say, hopefully.
( Oct. 25th, 2010 03:16 pm)
I'm having a bad day, so I'm going to post about everything that's gone wrong and then put it under a cut and focus upon the good, in the hopes that this will help me get over things.

7 things that made today bad )

Good things! Let's talk about good things.

This weekend was good. My roommate went out of town, and I got out and met some people. I went to the science fair on the mall with a friend of mine, meeting her other friends (who were interesting to be sure. Their method of getting to know people involves mostly interrogation: Where are you from, what are you studying, what do you do in your free time, what's your favorite book/movie/food, do you have any allergies, what's your family like? I'm not even exaggerating, but it was amusing, at least). Also I went shopping in Georgetown and found a store called Second Time Around. It's a consignment shop, and at first everything seemed really expensive, but I walked out with three shirts and a pair of jeans for about $33. A good deal! I also gave in and bought How to Survive a Garden Gnome Attack from Barnes & Noble, and it has proved hilarious.

As for my costume- I'm going as a dragon this Halloween. I'm three fourths of the way done with the wings (have the fabric and the frame finished, just need to get straps for them, and I have the rest of the outfit planned out (though I still need to work on painting the tail on the jeans). I'm pretty excited, because it's been cheap and isn't too terribly dorky, and I can feel pretty and sexy without dressing up like a slut. Woo!

Also, I'd been putting off making an appointment with my academic adviser (for no particular reason) and I finally got that scheduled today. Plus, I'm meeting with Catherine tomorrow! So hooray! AND THERE'S MORE: Upon seeing my fb status one of my suite-mates (the nice one. >.< ) immediately invited me over to her room for a cupcake. :)

And I've been meaning to share for several days, for you Sherlock lovers- my birth control is produced by Watson Labs. It says so on every pill and it kind of makes my day.
Ahh, I hate the sound of cicadas. WHEEOHWHEEOHWHEEOHWHEE They are obnoxiously loud and annoying. Even when I turn this techno all the way up I can't drown them out. Rawr. Some people find the sound soothing, but I am not one of those people. :p
Have you ever gotten an idea and then, after trying for the longest time to make it work, realized that it just couldn't and you were wrong to attempt it?

Because no matter how well I can described that Yuri takes after his father, (without the taste for blood (animal, fresh, two ice cubes) and affinity for nighttime excursions) I still can't come up with a not creepy way for Trent to notice that. *facepalm*
There is almost nothing more frustrating than getting to a scene in a story you know you've already written, but being unable to find it.


I swear, the next notebook I start, I'm going to make an index page to catalogue everything I write. My jumbled method of writing things half on the computer and scattered through at least three notebooks has officially failed me this time.

I found it... in a binder. XP


( May. 9th, 2010 02:47 pm)
I just posted the final part of The Nature of the Bond

Cut for whining and spoilers. )

Now I'm going to post that super bonus oneshot I mentioned earlier. Sorry for spamming. XD
Sitting in my living room.

Got a letter the other day from one of the colleges I've been waiting to hear back from. After much suspense, tension and hullabaloo I opened it to reveal: a request for my test scores.

Turns out they already had them. *sigh* Please just let me in already.




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