( Sep. 13th, 2011 01:18 pm)
Guess who's employed at the university library?! If you guessed someone other than me that was kind of silly. :D This is a giant relief, as this is the job I wanted the most. I've cancelled my tutoring interview (though I may still volunteer through the program). I have some paperwork to do and then I can start. I'll be doing administration support and maintanence for the printers and computers. Not glamorous, but it pays and it's close!

I got your package [livejournal.com profile] theotherdibbler! Thanks so much! Just when I thought my day couldn't get better, I got mail and books, and a lovely pretty card. :D

Cancelled the upcoming sessions with the first psych. Apparently that wasn't a free consultation, but an actual session by her records so I'm super glad that I cancelled, because I didn't get anything out of that first one.

So now: dishes, German homework, Socioculture Anth, and then paper writing!

( Aug. 20th, 2011 03:42 pm)
This post is about GOOD things, of which there are quite a few in my life (even though I forget that, sometimes).

1. I am currently 10lbs lighter than I was when I first came home for the summer! That means I'm down a jean size and feeling a lot better about myself. I still have 12lbs to go before my BMI is in the 'healthy weight' range and my goal is 12 more after that, but it's a start and I'm so pleased with my progress!

2. I'm coming to terms with the things I can't control. My family has a history of depression, anxiety, a slew of other mental issues that can be inherited. I've started a conversation with my family and, through the help of a friend who is currently dealing with his own issues, have located resources in DC that I think will help me deal with these issues. I have an aunt who said she never realized how depressed she was until she went on anti-depressants-- I feel the same way about my anxiety. I'm a tightly wound person and I think speaking to a therapist will be beneficial. I'm glad that I have the support to start dealing with those issues.

3. I'm so freaking excited to go back to school. I'm heading to DC this Thursday and am most of the way packed. This year will be fantastic for several reasons, including my awesome schedule (Biological Anthropology, Sociocultural Anthropology, Shakespeare, and 20th Century Irish Literature!) and the fact that I will have a kitchen. I spent yesterday copying and pasting recipes out of library books into a hard cover notebook, and included the ones [livejournal.com profile] theotherdibbler sent me, as well as my own cookie recipes. I'm excited to try new things and expand my recipe repertoire. If anyone else has any recipes they'd like to share, just give me a shout!

4. The above mentioned friend and I have been making plans to help each other get out more and be involved in things. He's also providing kitchen supplies (dishes, pans and things) so that we can cook more and both keep our budgets down. We signed up for a yoga class together as well, which I think is going to be much more fun for having someone I know to take it with.

5. The past week I've had the opportunity to catch up with friends I've missed all summer, hang out with people I won't see during the school year, and have some great conversations (and great food!). I've even spent some time with my sister and am planning to go bowling with her. Our relationship isn't very good, generally speaking, but we've gotten so much better that I'm actually looking forward to it.

( Feb. 7th, 2011 10:46 am)
First off, thanks to everyone who commented on my last post. There were some pretty interesting discussions of what constituted literature and how I should approach this assignment. I really appreciate hearing everyone's opinions and suggestions. I have a rough, rough draft of what I'm going to turn in. It's a very introspective piece set during a road trip as Sam (the character from the first NaNoWriMo novel I ever wrote) drives down from college to go to his father's wedding. It follows directly from the end of the novel, which was not my best. I'm hoping to clean it up/entirely overhaul it and get it up here sometime.

If I've been a bit absent lately, it's entirely because of the conference I attended over Friday and Saturday, as well as all of the things I had to do as a result of dropping everything in my life for two days (who knew how stressful that would be?).

What I did, what I learned, and what I walked away with... )
( Jan. 22nd, 2011 11:44 pm)
I keep intending to post and then forgetting to do so. Whoops! Anywho, here are the most exciting things in my life right now.

1. There is a giant writer conference going on about two metro stops from here in two weeks and the student price is great. I'm super excited about going. One of my professors is even presenting on a panel (which explains why she mysteriously decided to cancel class February 3rd. How exciting is this? SO EXCITING! I might actually convince myself to take the steps to become a legit for-profit writer and/or English major. At the very least maybe my fic will improve! :D

2. I have been super busy crocheting. There is actually a knitters club that finally started posting when they met around campus and I went last week. It was okay. I think it'll be more fun in the future when I get to know them better. In the mean time I present some of the critters I've made:
Pictures! )

3. I wrote a story and posted it to [livejournal.com profile] sundaysnuggles , which you can find here!

Mostly I spent today doing nothing, save for my trip to Target in the morning. The doing nothing consisted of reading things and poking at Tango again. We'll see how that goes, eh?
( Dec. 6th, 2010 11:32 pm)
When class gets cancelled... I make a zombie!

This is my first attempt at using the patterns in that book I mentioned a while back. It didn't turn out like the pictures, but I'm proud of my little zombie creation. He doesn't have a name yet- any suggestions? My suitemate is getting me some red thread so that I can make some more details (I'm considering giving him a little heart on his chest. Anyway, here's the picture!

Cut for photo... )
( Oct. 21st, 2010 08:06 pm)
This entry will be in the form of a list! Three big things I want to tell you all about:

1. Job interview! I had an interview today and I think it went pretty well like the last three. I should know by next Wednesday if I've gotten the job. The position is as an office assistant like the last three in the International Affairs school. My least favorite part about interviews is when they insist on telling you how great the job is. Today it was all: this is a great environment, it's a lot of work- but it's not hard work, we're really friendly, etc. Well, I've already applied and now you've made me want the job very badly, when there's nothing else I can do to insure that I get it. :/ But fingers crossed!

2. I got a card from my grandmother. It was just a nice hello, how are you doing, sort of card, plus pictures she printed out from our trip to London, plus a hundred dollar check. A random check for a not insignificant amount of money. (Hooray!) I feel like this is compensation of sorts, because they aren't as involved in my life as they are in my cousin's (because he lives nearer to my grandparents than I do). I don't feel as though I need compensating, but I do appreciate the help especially since I haven't got a job yet. I've already gotten out a card to write in return. :)

3. THIS IS THE MOST EXCITING ONE! Hear ye, hear ye- [livejournal.com profile] nano_haven is officially up and running! I've sent out invites to the people who expressed interest in my last post- and if I missed you come on out and join! Membership is moderated, to avoid an influx of people we don't know, but I'd love to have you! Send your friends over too! As long as there's a connection within a few degrees (x is a friend with you, you are a friend with me) we should all get along fine! It's looking a little sad over there all by my lonesome, but become a member and watch out for the Introduce Yourself post. I predict lots of fun and shenanigans in the coming month!

Wow, one sentence in that last paragraph that didn't end in an exclamation point. Can you tell I'm excited?

EDIT: Four things, I lied! I totally forgot about the awesome book I want! How to Survive a Garden Gnome Attack looks pretty hilarious. I don't even remember now how I found it, but see the excerpt below:

Although you’re fairly safe in open spaces, it is never recommended to follow a gnome into the woods should you see one leave the lawn and head for the trees. ... If you step out of the familiarity of your backyard and into the black hole that is the forest, your chances of survival decrease by 60 percent, while your odds of getting bludgeoned to death at the thicket’s edge increase by 200,000 percent.

How can you not be interested?
( Oct. 12th, 2010 03:19 pm)
There is something magical about Tuesday afternoons.

Perhaps its the fact that it seems to be my day to take an hour or hour and a half nap. I have a lovely routine going: finish class at noon, come home and sleep, get up and eat lunch, then relax until next big important thing to do comes along.

Along with eating lunch, I checked my mail (they're in the same building) and found a card from my parents, which included about $85 total in gift cards to very important places like CVS and Safeway (for prescriptions and groceries), and then two for fun- Noodles & Company and Barnes & Noble. So that's pretty exciting and made my day a little bit. Hooray!

I can't believe I forgot to mention this earlier- one of the projects my UW class is the creation of a blog. The class split into groups and every couple of weeks all the members of one group have to post about a specific topic. My group's topic was to expand on the concept of poetry in regards to Mark Nowak's book Coal Mountain Elementary. The first cool thing, was that a couple of days later our professor reported that Mark Nowak had contacted her, and said: ...tell your students I very much enjoyed reading their critical responses to the book! --& that I agree with those who said it is poetry, and agree equally with those who said it's not!! So how cool is that? Feedback from the author himself! Then, the second cool thing came in another email. After each group posts, the professor sends out an email highlighting the best entries and she mentioned mine as being very good! I got an A on that assignment and I'm pretty excited about that, especially since I don't know how I've done on the papers so far.
( Oct. 12th, 2010 12:04 am)
Oh dearest LJ friends- you should be proud of me. Really, you should. I'm sure the endless accounts of my (slightly pathetic) journey to find acceptance at college are beginning to wear thin- but I come to you with hope! Today I saw/talked with some very awesome people! I say saw because I didn't actually talk with the first one I want to tell you about- Jane Goodall!

Jane, some slightly less famous people, and the obnoxious couple outside my window. )
( Aug. 8th, 2010 11:52 pm)
So guys, my word count total for stories posted in the past week (including things posted on my other journal, as well as the 2500 words of Terry and Dan's latest- and as of yet, unfinished- story) comes out at around 16,500. \o/

Though the week definitely had it's stress, I think all of this writing helped to alleviate some of that stress. Not to mention all the fun I've had, or the fact that if you divide it up, those numbers are well over what I'd need to write each day to complete NaNoWriMo in November, which is just kind of exciting to me.

Also, you know that free sample music that comes on your computer? Mine came with a techno song that is really good background music. Really good like I've been listening to it for the past hour. >.>
( Aug. 7th, 2010 08:36 pm)
Title: Caffeinated
Fandom: original (Terry/Dan)
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 1917
Summary: Dan and Terry visit everyone's favorite coffee shop and learn something new about each other. Who knew fairy magic reacted badly to caffeine?
A/N: [livejournal.com profile] theotherdibbler  issued this challenge for stories set inside this coffee shop. I thought it was time Terry and Dan joined the fun. Brand names are stolen from the original stories, and I might be writing another one about the shop. There's a certain phrase I didn't quite work into this story, but won't let me go. In any case, enjoy!

On to the shop... )
weebly reliable statistics
( Aug. 4th, 2010 01:50 pm)
The following (under the cut) is the list of my favorite Supernatural Episodes that Will asked for.
It sounds made up, but it's not. )
( Jul. 3rd, 2010 09:23 pm)
I'm hoooome! I have to say, that was possibly one of the busiest, most stressful, most exciting and fun times of my life. I am successfully oriented.

In the beginning orientation was mostly intimidating and vaguely creepy. I mean, twenty-seven REALLY EXCITED PEOPLE were bouncing and singing and chanting and clapping and dancing for three days straight. No lie. The Cabinet Members (current students) were peppy all the time. They waited in the elevators to yell "Good Morning!" at people coming down for breakfast. Despite this, they were approachable and awesome at the same time somehow. 

It's kind of funny though. Get 500 kids away from their parents and the main things they want to ask about regarding school are: alcohol, sex, and drugs. The cabinet members were pretty open about everything. Except the things they couldn't legally tell us, being employees and all.

All of my roommates (all five of them, god am I glad I'm not in that dorm) from orientation are going to be in my house next year. They were all generally awesome, but I really connected with a couple of girls, plus someone from my small group and this random guy who's going to be an engineer of some yet undecided major.

So Kelsey (from small group) and Luke (engineer guy) and I bonded over the student showcase, which featured a portion of acting, singing, and dancing student organizations. I'd really like to try out for an a Capella group next year, but I'm kind of nervous about it. I'm not really the best at auditions, but I'll probably try anyway. :)

So overall it was loads of fun and I can't wait to start school this fall!




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